Committee Information

Committee Name: Coalition of Parties for NO, 1988
Organ: Regionals
Undersecretary-General: Jose Villalobos Gonzalez
Deputy Undersecretary-General: Julie Antão
Chair and Crisis Manager: Pedro Rosario and Delfin Mendez
Topic A: The Campaign Strategy

Topic B: Ensuring Fairness and Mitigating Election Fraud

Topic C: The Aftermath — Reforming and Restructuring Chile

Access the Background Guide for this committee here.

Access the Topic Abstract for this committee here.

**This is a bilingual committee in English and Spanish.**

A Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the Coalition of Parties for NO, an alliance meant to topple the 16-year dictatorship of Pinochet. The Christian Democratic Party, the Socialist Party, the Party for Democracy, among others, have all come together in order to establish an efficient strategy that will carry the “NO” vote to victory in the upcoming plebiscite. The members of this coalition are tasked with creating convincing and persuasive propaganda that will defeat the “YES” vote by a large margin. They must utilize all resources available to them in order to win. Even though Pinochet legalized opposition parties in 1987, members of this coalition face an uphill battle, as their influence in government is slim to none. Which means that the Pinochet government has the upper hand with its use of the mass media. Delegates are tasked with using creative means to distribute their message and forcing the government to open up the mass media to the opposition in order to have fair elections.

Additionally, members of this coalition must understand that if they win, they will be in charge of creating the new government of Chile. Delegates must understand the people’s needs and concern during this time in order to create an efficient and responsive government. Furthermore, the creation of new institutions is necessary for there to be rule of law and an accountable government. Delegates must therefore ask themselves what means must be implemented for there to be a system of “checks and balances?” In other words, how will power be distributed in order to prevent the rise of another dictator?

These are just some of the challenges that members of this coalition will face throughout their weekend at NAIMUN. I except a fun and exciting environment filled with intense debate and plausible solutions to the problems at hand. I can’t wait to meet you all; we’ll have a great time.

Hoya Saxa!

Pedro Juan Rosario Cintrón

Chair, Coalition of Parties for NO

[email protected]

About the Chair

Pedro Rosario is a rising sophomore in the College at Georgetown University and is undeclared but will probably major in Government. Pedro was part of the MUN team at his school since seventh grade and has never looked back, even becoming president of the club during his senior year. While he misses his home back in Puerto Rico from time to time, Pedro loves the new home he has found at Georgetown. While at Georgetown, Pedro is involved in clubs such as LASA (Latin American Student Association) and IRC (International Relations Club). Outside of Georgetown, he enjoys to snowboard, going to the beach, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games (he’s pretty good at FIFA). Last year, Pedro served as a Crisis Analyst at NAIMUN and this will be his first time serving as a NAIMUN chair. He is very excited to go from outside of the debate room, to being right at the center of it!

About the Crisis Manager

Hailing from the island of Puerto Rico, Delfin is a rising senior at Georgetown Schools of Foreign Service studying Latin American and Middles East Studies. Currently taking a semester abroad in São Paulo, Brazil, he speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese, and loves anything related to Latin America. As a member of the International Relations Club, he has attended Model United Nations conferences since freshmen year. An experienced crisis, he is excited to step into the dais as a chair for the first time. During last year’s NCSC he served as deputy undersecretary general for regionals. In his free time Delfin can be found at the marvelous and pristine Lauinger Library procrastinating in the form of reading 1920s French existential philosophy, comics related French existential philosophy and debating Puerto Rican politics with uninformed friends. If not, he is either doing something generic that people that live in DC do, or watching Netflix.

Learning Goals

NAIMUN strives to provide the most well-rounded educational and enjoyable experience to delegates. The learning goals for the Coalition of Parties for NO are as follows. Delegates will gain:  

  • A unique experience exploring the arduous and challenging democratic transitions that defined Latin America for most of the 20th century, as well as the impact of political meddling of the United States in the region.
  • The opportunity to develop important skills in communication, mass appeal and personality/identity politics. They will have a chance to come up with the best approaches to political campaigning, tailored to the specific population they are working with.
  • Understanding of the issues of corruption and political violence that have mired Latin America throughout its history.