Committee Information

Committee Name: First Committee: Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)
Organ: General Assemblies
Undersecretary-General: Claudia Alonso
Deputy Undersecretary-General: Bilva Chandra
Chair: Garrett Williams
Topic A: Establishing a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Middle East
Topic B: Recognizing and Combatting Terrorist Non-State Actors

The Topic Abstract for this committee can be accessed here.

A Letter From The Chair


Welcome to DISEC, the First Committee of the General Assembly! I could not be more excited to welcome you all to Washington in February. NAIMUN is an incredibly special conference held each year in our nation’s capital and I am excited to see what you all bring to the table. After serving as the Secretary-General of NAIMUN LIV in 2017, I am thrilled to be in the committee room and engage on a personal level with the delegates in DISEC!

At NAIMUN LV, DISEC will tackle two crucial issues: 1) the establishment of a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East; and 2) recognizing and combating non-state terrorist actors. Both topics require delegates to challenge the status quo by engaging with others and innovating creative yet feasible solutions. Together, the committee must consider the political, security, and moral implications of various policies with the ultimate goal of making the international community safer and more sustainable for the next generation.

The goal of this committee is two-fold. First, I hope this committee serves to increase delegates’ knowledge of and interest in security related issues. In a world where nuclear weapons are becoming increasingly prevalent, and with the increased danger of non-state actors getting hold of such weapons, it is imperative to actively combat the threats posed to the global community. Secondly, I hope that through this committee, high school students from all corners of the world will be able to connect with their peers, forging friendships that outlast the limitations of a 4-day conference.

I can not wait to see how each of you formulates individual plans to tackle these issues and how those action plans intertwine with those of other delegates to form realistic, innovative, and implementable resolutions. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me!

Hoya Saxa,

Garrett Williams

Chair, First Committee: DISEC

[email protected]

About the Chair

Garrett Williams is a senior in Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, majoring in Finance and minoring in Chinese. He is originally from Orange County, California where he participated in Model UN all four years of high school. He has been very involved in Georgetown’s Model UN programming, both as a delegate and a conference organizer. Previously he served as the Undersecretary-General of General Assemblies of NAIMUN LIII and the Undersecretary-General of Assemblies and Summits at NCSC XLIII (Georgetown’s collegiate conference). Additionally, he just finished his term serving as Secretary-General of NAIMUN LIV, an experience that incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally. Outside of Model UN, Garrett serves on the Board of Directors for Hilltop Consultants, a student-run consulting organization for non-profits. He also gives tours to potential Hoyas and is a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. He is incredibly excited to meet you all in February and welcome you to DC!


Learning Goals

NAIMUN strives to provide the most well-rounded educational and enjoyable experience to delegates. The learning goals for DISEC are as follows. Delegates will:  

  • Comprehend the importance of the issue of nuclear weapons proliferation and gain a better understanding of the various risks associated with it
  • Learn more about insurgency within the continent of Africa and devise solutions that hit the heart of the issue (corruption, government instability, etc.)
  • Determine ways to better enforce nonproliferation in UN member states