Committee Information

Committee Name: International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)
Organ: Regionals
Undersecretary-General: Jose Villalobos Gonzalez
Deputy Undersecretary-General: Julie Antão
Chair and Crisis Manager: Grace Jiang and Alexandra Weissman
Topic A: Large-Scale Antiquities Theft and Trade
Topic B: Drug and Arms Trafficking
Topic C: Human Trafficking

The Topic Abstract for this committee can be accessed here.


Learning Goals

NAIMUN strives to provide the most well-rounded educational and enjoyable experience to delegates. The learning goals for INTERPOL are as follows. Delegates will gain:

  • A better understanding of international efforts in regards to policing strategies and joint security cooperation–one of the most contentious topics in the politics of our day (intelligence sharing between states, cooperation on investigations, etc.)
  • Exposure to some of the major security issues of our time that present a global threat, including the arms trade, human trafficking, and transnational criminal organizations.
  • Knowledge about the workings of judicial systems at an international level and debates regarding jurisdiction and legal responsibility of different organs and states.
  • Experience in dealing with international treaties and the establishment of IGO’s, as well as how different state parties act in regards to these treaties/organizations and their tenants.