Committee Information

Committee Name: J. J. Roberts’ Cabinet, Liberia 1847
Organ: Cabinets
Undersecretary-General: Suraag Srinivas
Deputy Undersecretary-General: Yasmeen El-Hasan
Chair and Crisis Manager: Lindsay Sergi and Jaylan Smith
Topic A: Economic Development and Sustainability
Topic B: Relations with Indigenous People
Topic C: Affairs with International Actors and Independence

The Topic Abstract for this committee can be accessed here.

A Letter from the Chair and Crisis Manager

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the 55th Annual North American Invitational Model United Nations conference, and especially to Joseph Jenkins Roberts’s Cabinet in the Cabinets organ! We’re excited to welcome you to Washington, D.C. for what we promise will be a weekend full of lively debate and stimulating dialogue. As a group of influential leaders in the founding colonies of Liberia, you as delegates will deal with all of the challenges regarding building the recently independent state– everything from balancing relations with the indigenous and fighting economic struggles to combating disease and establishing a government. More than anything, this is a weekend to learn, meet new people, and test your own skills in debate and diplomacy. We also encourage you to take advantage of everything else that this conference has to offer outside of committee.

Your chair, Lindsay Sergi, is originally from Moorestown, New Jersey. She’s a senior in the class of 2018 in the McDonough School of Business, studying International Business. She’s also a Global Business fellow, a program that allows her to take graduate classes in the School of Foreign Service. Lindsay started Model UN her sophomore year of high school and hasn’t looked back since. She’s staffed both NCSC and NAIMUN, and served as Director of Marketing for NCSC XLIII, in addition to traveling with Georgetown’s Model UN team. When not doing Model UN, Lindsay is doing budgets and spreadsheets as Treasurer for GU Pride. Outside of classes and clubs, Lindsay enjoys reading news, catching up on her favorite comics, and binge-watching Netflix.

Your Crisis Manager, Jaylan Smith, has been to pretty much every corner in the U.S., having lived in seven states growing up. But for him, California will always be home (his friends would describe him as “aggressively Californian”) and he can’t wait to be back. He’s currently a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service studying Arabic, Arab Studies, and International Economics. When not spending time exploring D.C. with his friends, he loves listening to all types of music, maintaining a twitter he describes as “fire,” and napping. He has a personal connection to this committee- Joseph Jenkins Roberts is actually his great-great- great grandfather! As such, he’s so excited to learn more about this committee along with all of you and have a great weekend.

You have likely been told at some point to not simply be a bystander. Rather, engage with the people around you. NAIMUN is an incredible arena that brings together young diplomats from the world over. Attending NAIMUN, whether for your first time or your fourth, is an incomparable experience because of the people here. Do not stand idle as the conference goes on. Get involved in your committee and succinctly state your opinion—your peers will be listening! 

On behalf of our entire staff, we would like to welcome you to NAIMUN for a memorable weekend of lively and constructive debate. See you in committee!


Lindsay Sergi and Jaylan Smith

Chair and Crisis Manager, J. J. Roberts’ Cabinet

[email protected] and [email protected]

About the Chair

Lindsay Sergi is a member of the class of 2018 in the McDonough School of Business, majoring in International Business with a Global Business Fellowship. Originally from New Jersey, she loved her first experiences with the Model UN team in college, including competing with the team, serving on the Secretariat for NCSC XLIII, and chairing at NAIMUN’s collegiate conference, NCSC, and is excited to be a Chair at her last NAIMUN. Outside of Model UN, she is the treasurer of GU Pride, and enjoys putting what she’s good at (budgets and spreadsheets) towards a good cause. In her free time, she loves reading news and comics, and watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix.

About the Crisis Manager

Jaylan Smith is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service, studying international economics with a focus in the Middle East. Any conversation of more than fifteen seconds with Jaylan will reveal that he is from California (and vehemently proud of it) and that he subscribes to a cult of personality around Beyoncé. He never had the opportunity to be involved in Model UN in high school, but when he came to college he fell in love with Georgetown’s program. He travels with the delegation and has also served as an Undersecretary-General at NCSC, Georgetown’s collegiate MUN conference. He loves and exploring the nation’s capital and talking about Hamilton with his friends into the very early morning. Jaylan is excited to be your CM for JJ Robert’s Cabinet and can’t wait to meet you all at NAIMUN LV!

Learning Goals

NAIMUN strives to provide the most well-rounded educational and enjoyable experience to delegates. The learning goals for JJ Robert’s Cabinet are as follows. Delegates will gain:

  • an intimate understanding of an often overlooked aspect of American history in Africa.
  • an understanding of the challenges facing a new nation and the struggle for survival as one of the first and only independent, modern nations in Africa.
  • knowledge on how to develop a national economy to support a new state’s needs.