Committee Information

Committee Name: United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
Organ: General Assemblies
Undersecretary-General: Claudia Alonso
Deputy Undersecretary-General: Bilva Chandra
Chair: Omar Torres
Topic A: Sustainable Infrastructure in Panama
Topic B: Disaster Management and Risk Reduction in the Philippines

The Topic Abstract for this committee can be accessed here.

The Background Guide for this committee can be accessed here.

A Letter from the Chair

Greetings, delegates!

Welcome to the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)! As the operational arm of the UN supporting the implementation of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world, UNOPS’s main goals of sustainability and development will be the leading ideas of this committee. The first topic we will discuss is developing sustainable infrastructure in Panama. UNOPS has supported several partners in Panama since 2007. Most recently, they aided with the plan of the Humanitarian Hub of the Americas proposed by the Government of Panama. UNOPS has also supported other health-related infrastructure projects helping the country build hospitals and train staff. This topic will focus on the challenges, possible solutions and implications of improving infrastructure in Panama.

We will also be discussing disaster management and risk reduction in the Philippines. Through its Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience (DR4RR), UNOPS aims to build resilience to natural hazards. The Philippines is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters and understanding how to better the conditions in the country is crucial. This topic will analyze how to reduce the potential impact of natural hazards in the country, how to promote better infrastructure practices to diminish damage, and how to provide Philippines with the necessary tools to react to the unexpected dangers of nature.

We expect a high level of debate and innovative solutions to these issues. We look forward to welcoming you to NAIMUN! Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact either Zach Oschin or me.

Hoya Saxa,

Omar Torres

Chair, UNOPS 

[email protected] 


About the Chair

Omar Torres is a senior in the Georgetown College majoring in Government and Economics. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he often misses the beach and tropical weather but loves being at Georgetown. He is a Student Advisory Board member at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service and works at the Undergraduate Admissions Office. This summer, he interned for EY in their Tax Services division. Omar enjoys playing sports with his friends, going to the gym and binge watching series on Netflix. In his sixth and last NAIMUN, Omar looks forward to having an incredible committee experience with all the delegates.

Learning Goals

NAIMUN strives to provide the most well-rounded educational and enjoyable experience to delegates. The learning goals for UNOPS are as follows. Delegates will:  

  • Think of creative ways to build sustainable infrastructure within Panama, best utilizing its geographic region (Panama Canal, etc.)
  • Determine how to make rural areas more interconnected to metropoli and the government sector
  • Figure out ways to establish a framework for disaster preparedness for the Philippines
  • Increase government accountability in developing nations through solutions centered on transparency in governance
  • Follow the mission and structure of UNOPS by developing long-term project-based solutions for each topic