Committee Information

Committee Name: United States Senate, 1933
Organ: Economic and Social Councils (ECOSOCs)
Undersecretary-General: Connie Chen
Deputy Undersecretary-General: Chase Wagers
Chair: Genevieve Pool
Topic A: Federal Economic Reform
Topic B: Public Works

Access the Topic Abstract for this committee here.

A Letter from the Chair


Welcome to Senate, 1933! My name is Genevieve Pool and I am looking forward to serving as your chair. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and am a junior in the School of Foreign Service. I have had the pleasure of being highly involved in Model United Nations at Georgetown, as a member of our travel team and staffing. I directed FDR’s Cabinet at NAIMUN LIII, chaired the NSA at NAIMUN LIV, and have competed in a Senate committee, so I am excited to see what new ideas delegates bring to the table!

The 73rd United States Congress was pivotal in expanding the role of the federal government. We will be tackling Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the myriad topics covered from 1933 to 1935. This committee will be centered around public works and the national economy, but it will be delegate-directed – you will select the topics that interest you the most, and have the opportunity to re-write history!

Our fantastic staff, from our Under-Secretary Generals to our rapporteurs, have been hard at work to create a weekend that will push your creativity and diplomacy skills. I fully expect every delegate to walk out of the Senate with a new friend, fond memories, and a greater understanding of the dedication and compromise skills necessary to make the United States Senate work. I look forward to meeting you all in February; please feel free to reach out to me with questions.

Hoya Saxa,

Genevieve Pool

Chair, US Senate

[email protected]


About the Chair

Genevieve Pool is a junior in the School of Foreign Service, studying International Culture and Politics. She has had the pleasure of being highly involved in MUN at Georgetown, as a member of the travel team and staffing. When not in western business attire, she prefers to live outdoors, and spent this summer working in a kitchen with high schoolers in Burlington, Kentucky. She is passionate about U.S. politics, particularly the role of women and other underrepresented groups. She directed FDR’s Cabinet at NAIMUN LIII, chaired the NSA at NAIMUN LIV, and has competed in a Senate committee, so she is excited to see what this new iteration will bring!

Learning Goals

NAIMUN strives to provide the most well-rounded educational and enjoyable experience to delegates. The learning goals for the US Senate are as follows. Delegates will gain:  

  • An intimate understanding of the powers of the upper chamber of the legislative branch, especially its unique powers of advice and consent, which includes the ability to approve government budgets, ratify treaties, and confirm federal offices.
  • Knowledge on the political climate of the United States during the Great Depression and how this would eventually set the stage for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s unprecedented third term.
  • Details on the difficult position that many of the Senators from the 48 states had, deciding between aligning with political party beliefs or what was best for the country in the state of disaster.
  • An understanding of how FDR’s Federal Economic Reform and Public Works program helped bring the country out of the Great Depression and shaped many welfare programs that are still in place today.