More Than Just A Model UN Conference

NAIMUN offers a broad range of out-of-committee activities designed to enhance the delegate experience. We focus on providing educational, real-world programs that are unique to Washington D.C. and immerse our delegates in the arena of international relations. Each and every aspect and feature of NAIMUN LV is geared toward providing our delegates with the most exciting and fulfilling experiences, and we’re confident that NAIMUN weekend will be a highlight in your school year.

There’s still time to sign up for a tour during our Friday morning programming block! Use this link here to submit your preferences. To learn more about our programming structure for this year’s conference, please review our Programming Guide.

Click here for the NAIMUN LV Programming Bus Schedule.

Click here for the MUN for Moderators handout.

Additionally, NAIMUN LV will offer a revamped structure for philanthropic programming in which delegates will participate in small-group discussions with social justice professionals from the DC area. This is a mandatory component of our conference, and you may select preferences for which talk your delegation attends using this form. If you do not select preferences, you will be assigned to a talk based on availability.

(Note: Preferences for programming spaces will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. As such, we ask that you please complete the programming sign up form as soon as possible.)

If you have any questions about programming at NAIMUN, please contact our Director of Programming, Justin McCartney, at [email protected].

Experience Washington D.C. in a New Way at NAIMUN LV!

In keeping with the NAIMUN tradition, LV will continue to offer unrivaled opportunities for access to some of Washington’s most exciting spots. This year, the structure of our programming agenda will be changing slightly, with new options which we hope will better enrich the holistic delegate experience.

Committee Programming

A new feature of NAIMUN LV’s programming will be Committee-based Programming. The mission behind this new style of programming is to offer an opportunity for deeper educational and contextual enrichment of the in-committee experience. To this end, we will be offering Georgetown student-led tours to locations in DC which relate to a committee’s topic or history. These tours will take place during the Friday morning programming block and all tours will be optional. Students will have the option to travel with their committee and committee staff to their tour site, or elect to go along with their delegation’s plans for Friday morning. We strongly encourage your students to take advantage of this new opportunity, but not attending will not affect their performance in committee.

Committee Tours

A number of our committees will have the opportunity to travel out into the city during our Friday morning programming block on an excursion related to the their committee. Our committee tours will offer dive into the real world elements of what our delegates engage with each of their conference committee sessions. Some of the committees who will be offered committee tours this year include:

  • Mikhail Gorbachev’s Cabinet – U.S. Navy Museum Cold War Gallery
  • Supreme Court of the United States – Supreme Court Building
  • The Ruling Council of Alexander the Great – Embassy of Greece

Committee Speakers

Many committees will have the opportunity to host a specialist from a field relevant  to their topic, often ambassadors or policy makers, to speak with the delegates about the realities of international relations. This allows the delegates an exciting opportunity to see how the debates and decision they are making in committee are mirrored in the real world. Past committee speakers have included:

  • Victor Cha, former Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council
  • Jeff Leen, assistant managing editor for The Washington Post investigations unit
  • Katherine Bliss, Senior Associate in the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Mark Lagon, former Executive Director and CEO of the Polaris Project
  • Iain Guest, director of The Advocacy Project

Embassy Visits

In the world of international relations, there are few places more central than Washington D.C. While at the conference delegates can take advantage of its amazing location to visit one of the hundreds of embassies in the area. There’s even a chance they’ll meet their committee counterpart in real life! A few of our offerings this year include:

  • The Embassy of Mexico
  • The Embassy of Germany
  • The Embassy of Pakistan
  • The Embassy of Fiji
  • The Embassy of Brazil
  • And many more!

Georgetown Tours

On Friday morning, delegates have the option to come visit Georgetown University’s campus, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the nation. NAIMUN staffers will lead tours during which delegates can take a picture in front of the iconic Healy Hall and learn about the diverse opportunities that Georgetown offers. Keep your eyes peeled and you might even catch a glimpse of our beloved mascot, Jack the Bulldog!

Washington Hotspot Tours

We will be offering circling bus routes down to DC’s famous monuments and Capitol Hill throughout the Friday morning programming block. These bus routes will make stops at the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and numerous Smithsonian museums located around the National Mall, as well as at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and Supreme Court buildings. We encourage any interested delegation to take advantage of this chance to take a trip downtown and visit these local landmarks. Please note, in a change from traditional NAIMUN programming, we will not be offering student tour guides for U.S. Capitol or Supreme Court tours; however, we are happy to assist moderators in a logistical capability for setting up professional tours.


In Conference Programming

Hilltop Madness

Become a Hoya! Experience the high-energy fun of Georgetown’s finest performing arts groups, from Bollywood dancers to a Capella groups. Get a taste of life as a Hoya and experience Georgetown’s hospitality while enjoying a night of singing, dancing, and free ice cream!

Delegate Dance

NAIMUN encourages delegates to get to know each other out of committee. Social events, like Saturday night’s delegate dance, allow delegates  the chance to meet and mingle with their peers from across the country and around the world while enjoying some of today’s top hits.