Important Registration Policies

Registration Timeline

Our registration timeline, including fees, can be found here.

Payment Deadlines

Payments must be submitted before you respective payment deadline (dependent on your registration period—early, regular, or late). If you do not submit payments by your payment deadline, you will be automatically rolled over to the next payment bracket (early to regular; regular to late). The Director of Registration will notify you if you miss a payment deadline; if we receive no response within 14 days, we reserve the right to forfeit your spots to any delegations that may be on the waiting list.

If you are unable to submit money in accordance to the payment deadline due to policies within your school board or school district, please inform us that this is the case and fax/mail documentation that payment is being processed.

Delegation Sizes

Every year NAIMUN receives requests for more delegates than it has the capacity to accept. Therefore, if you are looking to bring over 50 delegates to NAIMUN, please contact our Director of Registration to confirm how many delegates you will be able to bring to NAIMUN.

Registration Instructions

1. To register your school for NAIMUN LV, fill out this Google Form. Remember: by submitting the registration form, you agree to abide by all NAIMUN Conference Policies. and Hotel Policies. During registration, indicate whether you will be paying for NAIMUN with a check mailed to NAIMUN, or with a credit card via a PayPal invoice. Be sure to read our full list of payment policies.

2. Once your form has been submitted, NAIMUN LV’s Director of Registration, Margaret Hodson, will send you a confirmation email. This email will be sent within 48 hours and will include your school’s invoice. If you opted to pay via PayPal, a PayPal invoice will be sent at this time.If you do not receive a confirmation email within five business days, please contact our Director of Registration, Margaret Hodson, at [email protected]

3. Remember, changes in delegation size must be confirmed by the Director of Registration; a change on the website will not be considered valid for additional spots or refunds until you are given individual confirmation.

4. Committee preferences will be recorded at the time of registration. All schools that register before October 6 will receive assignments no later than October 21. Schools that register after October 21 will receive committee assignments on a rolling basis.

Committee Preferences and Assignments

Committee Preferences

Committee preferences will be collected during registration. We aim to distribute small, medium, and large sized committees evenly amongst delegations; committee preferences are not distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All delegations registering between May 15 and October 6 will not be disadvantaged with committee and country preferences so long as they fill out the committee preferences upon registering. All delegations registering after October 6 will receive the remaining spots following the first round of assignments. Please note that we do reserve space in small/medium committees for such schools.


For all schools that register before October 6, committee and country assignments will be released no later than October 21. Please note: A delegation will only receive their assignments after they have either (a) paid for the entirety of their delegation, (b) submitted documentation of payment processing on behalf of their respective school board or school district via fax or e-mail.