crisis manager: margaret hodson


The Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General brings the most competitive crisis delegates from across the country to compete in a specially-designed simulation that combines fast-paced and exciting crisis with the added element of a surprise topic. While the traditional Ad-hoc Committee rarely releases the topic prior to the first committee session, here at NAIMUN we believe in the educational value of researching as well as rewarding prepared delegates. Thus, this year, NAIMUN will be running a specialized Ad-hoc Committee that, in the run-up to the conference, will release clues and hints to the topic, allowing the dedicated delegate to be sufficiently prepared and researched for committee while maintaining the same air of secrecy that Ad-hoc Committees are famous for. Join us as NAIMUN champions this new version of an Ad-hoc Committee and come compete at the highest stage in North America– the world is waiting.

TOPIC Abstract






Delegates will gain...

  • Problem-solving skills and a basic understanding of cryptography through decoding clues about the committee topic;

  • The ability to integrate topical clues from various primary and secondary source materials;

  • Experience collaboratively solving timed-crises under pressure;

  • A deep understanding of the history and dynamics surrounding XX[REDACTED]XX with regards to domestic political affairs and foreign relations.

About the Chair


Suraag is a member of the Class of 2020 studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Business, Growth, and Development and is thrilled to be the Chair of the first NAIMUN Ad-Hoc in recent memory. In the past, Suraag has served as the Under-Secretary-General of Cabinets for NAIMUN LV and the Director of WTO for NAIMUN LIV and he serves as the Secretary-General of NCSC XLVI, Georgetown’s collegiate MUN conference. Outside of travelling with Georgetown’s Model UN team, Suraag is a member of Hilltop Consultants, a club that consults for nonprofits, and dances on GU Jawani, Georgetown’s competitive bhangra team. In his spare time, Suraag can be found traversing D.C. in search of the perfect smoothie. Suraag is excited to be back in the Cabinets organ for his third NAIMUN and can’t wait to welcome you all to what is sure to be one of the most competitive crisis showdowns in NAIMUN history!

About the Crisis Manager

Margaret Hodson.JPG

Margaret is a member of the Class of 2020 studying International Politics with a concentration in International Law, Institutions, and Ethics and a minor in Arabic. She is very excited to be the Crisis Manager for for the Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General. In the past, Margaret has served as the Director of Registration for NAIMUN LV, a crisis analyst for Goodluck Jonathan’s Cabinet at NAIMUN LIV, and a Senior Crisis Analyst for JCC: Battle for Detroit at the National Collegiate Security Conference, Georgetown’s collegiate MUN conference. Outside of staffing Model United Nations conferences, Margaret can be found working at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs and tutoring refugee students through Jesuit Worldwide Learning and Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Services. In her spare time,  Margaret enjoys watching B-list TV drama series with her roommate and dancing to Lorde. Margaret can’t wait to welcome you all to NAIMUN LVI for a fast-paced and exciting committee. See you all in February!