Chair: José Villalobos Gonzalez

Note: This committee will begin after the Labour Party victory in the General Elections of 1945

The British House of Commons is the lower house of the United Kingdom’s parliament. While this might sound like they are lesser, they actually play a much more important role in the forging of British politics and policy than does the upper house, the House of Lords. Constitutional reforms have stripped almost all power from the Lords, and the Commons essentially propose, pass and administer all legislature in the country. The Commons is made up of 650 members of parliament (MP’s), elected by the first past the post system in different districts all across the country. The parliamentary faction that obtains a majority of MP’s on the floor gains the right to form a government on Her Majesty's behalf. 

Topic B

Relations with Europe + Future of the Colonial Empire

Topic A

Post-war Reconstruction and Creating a Welfare State


Learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • An understanding of the effects of World War II on civilian life and the necessary repair efforts during the tumultuous and fragile post-war period;

  • Perspective on the merits and drawbacks of creating welfare states, specifically the reversal to government ownership of various industries in the post-war period that led to a loss in efficiency and the return to austerity policies;

  • The opportunity to discuss healthcare as a human right, and comparing the UK’s public health care system in the context of America’s fully privatized health services;

  • Understanding of how the remnants of colonialism in the 20th century and the process of liberalization and reparations to colonies affects domestic politics within both Topic A and Topic B.

About the Chair


José Villalobos Gonzalez is a senior in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, hailing from Mexico City. He is majoring in Science Technology and International Affairs, with a minor in French and a concentration in International Business and Development. He’s interested in a career in diplomatic affairs, working either for the Mexican foreign service or development-focused international agencies. At Georgetown, José writes art and music reviews for a campus newspaper, works for a student-run consulting group focused on developmental strategies and micro finance, and is part of a latin dancing team. He is excited to welcome you to the best NAIMUN yet!