Chair: Tommy Hurtado

approximate committee size: 108

The year is 1997 in the United Kingdom. Teletubbies has aired for the first time, British scientists announced the successful birth of a cloned sheep, and a sea change has occurred in British politics. Tony Blair and his New Labour have swept the general elections with the biggest majority in its history after 18 years of being the opposition party. The Conservative Party finds itself outside of the government coalition for the first time since the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher. The Liberal Democrats more than doubled its seats while regional parties such as the Ulster Unionist Party, the Scottish National Party, and Plaid Cymru have held their presence. What will be the trajectory of the United Kingdom in this new political reality?

The Members of Parliament (MPs) representing constituencies across the country will need to debate the most important issues of the day in the House of Commons: the lower, elected house of the British Parliament. The British House of Commons Committee is unique at NAIMUN for distinct procedures including the fast-paced, witty Question Time. Specifically, the committee will discuss the issues of education and constitutional reform. How will the House address the accessibility, structure, and quality of education in the UK? What will be government policy towards the functioning of Parliament or whether powers are devolved to member countries such as Scotland and Wales? Learning about the processes, traditions, and policies of one of the longest lasting democratic governments in the world will be an important objective of this committee.


background guide coming soon

About the Chair

Tommy Hurtado is a member of Georgetown's Class of 2020 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy Processes. Originally born in Arlington, Virginia, he has lived a large part of his life in several countries in the Middle East. He has participated in Model UN ever since his freshman year of high school. He attended NAIMUN's British House of Commons (BHOC) for two years in the front benches as an MP and two years on the dais. Outside of MUN, Tommy likes to take long walks, listen to music, visit the Smithsonian museums, and travel. He's looking forward to chairing BHOC, meeting the MPs, and shouting "ORDAAAA!"

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