crisis manager: marie swain


In the midst of a hostile Cold War environment, the secret Five Eyes alliance is hard at work combatting the fierce Ruskies and their desire to spread Communism to all parts of the globe. Founded in 1946, this intelligence sharing organization is comprised of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and most importantly, Canada. Now in 1957, this committee will focus on developing forces in the Canadian Directorate of Security and Intelligence to coordinate with the broader anglosphere struggle against Sino and Soviet power. Delegates must navigate this treacherous time when public fear is at all time high, and secure the safety of the Canadian homeland. Beware: the course of human history is at stake!

TOPIC Abstract



Delegates will gain...

  • A thorough understanding of the mechanizations of traditional intelligence-gathering and application during international crises;

  • An intimate knowledge of complex intelligence-sharing systems and agreements among aligned states;

  • A deep comprehension of Cold War-era foreign policy and the nuances of national security;

  • An in-depth grasp of the intelligence and defense apparatus within Canada at the time.

About the Chair

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Aaron Bennett, a proud New Jersey native, is a senior studying Political Economy, History and Theology at Georgetown. After seven years of Speech and Debate, Aaron first got involved in Model UN when he joined the Georgetown team during his first semester on campus, and has since hit the ground running. He previously served as Director of Programming for NAIMUN LIV and most recently the Executive Director of Georgetown’s sister conference for college students, NCSC XLV. Outside of his work with GIRA, Aaron attends as many Hoya basketball games as possible, runs a podcast through the Institute of Politics and Public Service, and serves as chief of staff of Georgetown’s student government.

About the Crisis Manager

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Marie Swain is a junior in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in foreign policy and processes, and pursuing a certificate in Diplomatic Studies. She is originally from the swamps of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, loves seafood, and can make a mean pecan pie. Since coming to Georgetown, she has helped staff the International Relations Club's college and high school conferences, NCSC and NAIMUN, and served on various sub-boards for the club. Outside of her involvement in the IRC, Marie is an active member of GU Politics and the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and enjoys running to the monuments in her free time. Marie is thrilled to be serving as Crisis Manager this year for NAIMUN, and is looking forward to an incredible conference!