Chair: kevin lemus

In 1944, an ally victory to World War II is expected, and the civil aviation industry has radically changed. As a result, 54 nations are coming together in Chicago for a conference on international civil aviation. The conference is tasked with writing the rules and regulations for modern international civil aviation. This conference is intended to write a convention on the safety and regulatory aspects of the industry, as well as set up guidelines to ensure multinational cooperation in regards to civil aviation.

Topic Abstract


Formalization of States’ rights over their airspace | Regulation, investigation, and standardization



Learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • A background on the importance of the international civil aviation industry in the global economy, including many of the intricacies which make regulation and standardization of international rules such a difficult task, what has gone into making civil aviation so safe today, and agreements that have made international air travel possible;

  • An understanding of the fundamentals and history of the international community’s role in regulation of the civil aviation industry, including aviation investigations. This will include how nations work together to ensure civil aviation is safe for the flying public;

  • Insight into the power struggle of how delegates at trade and regulatory conferences balance national interests and multinational efforts to ensure the benefit of their own country, as well as those of the greater international community.

About the Chair


Kevin Lemus is a member of the Class of 2021 in the College of Arts and Sciences, but is planning to transfer to the School of Foreign Service with a major in Global Business. While born and raised in the city with year-round sunshine, Miami, Kevin has grown fond of DC’s unpredictable weather. Kevin likes to stay busy involved in IRC, the Ballroom Dancing Team, and the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA), but in his free time enjoys cooking dinner for his friends and playing FIFA. He did Congressional Debate in high school, but the civil aviation industry is his passion. Besides NAIMUN, Kevin loves to travel and is willing to have a conversation with new people about pretty much anything.