crisis manager: jeremy cohen


The Congress of Vienna will be grapple with trying to keep Europe from fracturing or falling into civil unrest. The French Revolution has shown Europe what can happen when civil unrest is allowed to escalate, and it is in the interest of all empires and kingdoms to prevent such rebellions from occurring again. Equally important, this committee must preserve the balance of power in Europe to prevent any state from threatening the others and precipitating a dangerous continent-wide war. Each delegate will be representing a European country in the Council to discuss these difficult issues. Best of luck to the ambassadors: achieving balance and arguing for resources is a difficult but potentially rewarding task that will better the continent―and your home country.

TOPIC Abstract



Delegates will....

  • Understand how the Napoleonic Wars disrupted the Balance of Power in Europe and how it impacted international diplomacy;

  • Gain an understanding of the lasting change that the Congress of Vienna had on European history in the 1800s;

  • Learn how to balance the goals of your home country with the overall goals of the Congress;

  • Acquire a better historical perspective of the Congress of Vienna as a conservative reactionary force in response to rising liberalism and nationalism.

About the Chair


Zachary Thompson is a member of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service class of 2020, majoring in Science, Technology and International affairs. He is very excited to be your Chair for the Council of Vienna committee. He began his Model UN career in high school and traveled with the Georgetown team throughout his freshman year. Outside of Model UN, he is active in the Philodemic Society of Georgetown and is a Nationally Certified EMT. With whatever spare time he has left outside of classes, you can typically find him talking about politics with friends, reading journal articles, or taking a nap. He wishes you good luck and looks forward to seeing all of you in committee!

About the Crisis Manager

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 Jeremy is a member of the Class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International History and pursuing a certificate with the Center for Eurasian, Russian, and Eastern European Studies. He grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, which he unapologetically believes to be the best town in America. At Georgetown, Jeremy focuses academically on the people, politics, and history of the former Soviet Union, and is actively involved in the International Relations Club. He was once a delegate at NAIMUN and has been a crisis manager the past two years. He is currently serving as the Chief of Staff for NCSC, Georgetown’s collegiate conference, and the Chief Global Strategist for GIRA. When he isn’t reading about topics like Kyrgyzstan or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Jeremy enjoys playing board games and having Afghan kabobs.