It is 2020, and technological advances in artificial intelligence have made major breakthroughs. However, many remain concerned at the risks that AI pose to our way of life, and this body is being convened to discuss how―and whether or not to―regulate artificial intelligence. Composed of experts from companies interested in AI development, as well as members of the US government, this body will be tasked with finding a path forward that can integrate AI technology into life while minimizing the risk they pose to cyber security and human safety.

TOPIC Abstract


About the Chair


Matty Bernstein is a member of the Class of 2019 in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, studying International Politics and International Business Diplomacy. Hailing from Encinitas, CA, a suburb of San Diego, this will be Matty's fourth NAIMUN and seventh and final year of Model UN. At Georgetown, he has regularly travelled on the college circuit, served on NAIMUN Senior Staff as a sophomore, and chaired last year's Hollywood Blacklist with J.J. as CM. Outside of MUN, Matty has studied abroad in Prague, is a brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity with J.J., and will be work for RBC Capital Markets in New York during Summer 2018, where he will be living with J.J. When not doing (or while doing) the aforementioned things, Matty can be found at the gym, getting surgery in foreign countries, or (as evidenced above) spending an unhealthy amount of time with J.J.

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About the Crisis Manager

J.J. Woronoff is a member of the Class of 2019 in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown, studying Finance, Mathematics, Film Production, and Marketing. Hailing from Brentwood, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, this will be J.J.'s third NAIMUN and third and final year of Model UN. Last year, he revolutionized the very fabric of the institution by designing a custom tracker named CrisisControl as he CM'd Hollywood Blacklist with Matty. Outside of MUN, J.J. writes and shoots short films and serves as Vice President of Alpha Epsilon Pi. This summer, he will be an investment banking apprentice at Moelis in New York, where he will be living with Matty. When not (or while doing) the aforementioned things, J.J. can be found at the gym, lost in thought, or spending a very healthy amount of time with Matty.