Councils, Boards, and Courts is a crisis organ that combines the traditional elements of Model UN committees like the United Nations Security Council with original bodies such as the Walt Disney's Board of Directors. At NAIMUN LVI, CBCs is proud to once again present UNSC and SCOTUS as its two staple committees, alongside a host of other committees that will explore how traditional international diplomacy can be impacted by non-state actors and multinational companies. The theme within these committees range from the sweeping powers to reshape the continent at the Congress of Vienna to the competitive nature of corporate boards. This year, CBCs will once again be using a double-delegate structure in some of its larger committees. There will be greater variation in committee structure and parliamentary procedure than in traditional organs, which will challenge delegates to approach these issues with new levels of innovation, creativity, and flexibility while maintaining the thought-provoking debate and delegate-driven crises that NAIMUN prides itself upon.

NAIMUN LVII Committees Coming Soon!