(Spanish Bilingual)

CRISIS MANAGER: Gianmarco Dedós


The Provisional Government of Cuba, 1898, concerns contemporary government officials, as well as representatives from rebel forces of Black and Mulatto liberation movements, and a few envoys from the Spanish and American missions. Members of this government are tasked with addressing the current tumultuous situation which surrounds the country. The committee will likely discuss which political status (either independence or continued relations with Spain) is best for Cuba, how best to ensure the safety of citizens throughout the duration of the conflict, and how to establish a strong national economy that will continue long after the conflict is over. Members are expected to balance the interests of the delegation that they will be representing in a fully English-Spanish bilingual committee, which will be a specialty mixed crisis-general assembly, versus the interests of the committee as a whole.

Topic Abstract


Political Status of Colonial Territories | Diplomatic Triangulation | Advancing Cuba's Economic Future



Learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • A unique learning experience of the arduous and challenging task of ensuring the independence of a weakened country through revolution;
  • A thorough understanding of the socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial tensions that surrounded Cuba throughout this time;
  • Perspective into the colonial experience in Latin America both from the viewpoint of Spanish military leaders and of colonized Cuban political elites and Mulatto farmers.

About the Chair

Pedro Rosario - Cuba 1898.jpeg

Pedro Rosario is a junior in the College at Georgetown University and is a Government Major with and Art History and Jewish Civilization Minor. While he misses his home back in Puerto Rico from time to time, Pedro loves the new home he has cultivated at Georgetown. While at Georgetown, Pedro is involved in clubs such as LASA (Latin American Student Association) and IRC (International Relations Club). Outside of Georgetown, he enjoys to snowboard, going to the beach, and traveling. This will be Pedro’s second experience as a NAIMUN chair, so he is very excited to partake in such a fun experience once again!



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About the Crisis Manager

Gianmarco Dedós is a junior in the McDonough School of Business. He is majoring in Finance and Operations Management. Although born and raised in Puerto Rico, he considers Washington D.C. to be his home away from home. At Georgetown, Gianmarco is active in clubs like the Georgetown Collegiate Investors (GCI), the International Relations Club (IRC), and the Puerto Rican Student Association (PRSA). As hobbies Gianmarco likes to box, frequent the beach, and watch his Dallas Cowboys. This will be his first experience as a NAIMUN Crisis Manager and he is very excited to see you all in February.