NAIMUN XLIX saw the introduction of our comprehensive financial aid program, a program that assist schools with the heavy financial burden of traveling to the conference and staying at the Washington Hilton. At NAIMUN, we believe that socioeconomic situations should never be a barrier to attend this conference and grow from this educational experience. Each year, NAIMUN is proud to distribute thousands of dollars to schools and individuals that need financial assistance. At NAIMUN LVI, we look forward to further expanding NAIMUNAid and helping as many schools as possible attend NAIMUN. This is rooted in the Georgetown International Relations Association, Inc. (GIRA)’s commitment to making the international relations education programs we offer as accessible as possible.

NAIMUNAid Information

The NAIMUNAid program is a step forward in making NAIMUN accessible to a wider range of high school students around the world. We offer scholarships both to individuals as well as whole delegations. Please note that, as we have a limited budget for financial aid, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive the amount requested. In order to be considered for NAIMUNAid, the applicant must have already registered for NAIMUN LVI, for which the form can be found here. The application for both individual delegates and entire delegations can be found below.

What does NAIMUNAid cover?

The following costs may be covered by NAIMUNAid:

  • Registration fees

  • Moderator fees

  • Travel costs

  • Accommodation costs

NAIMUNAid for Delegations

NAIMUN has a strong commitment to allowing underserved schools send delegations to our conference. Within our NAIMUNaid application, we have also included guidelines through which delegations can fundraise for our conference. Please note that delegations that have shown their desire to attend our conference through fundraising efforts and have demonstrated need will be given priority.

NAIMUNAid for Individuals

NAIMUN recognizes that individual delegates within delegations may face financial constraints barring them from attending NAIMUN. Every year, we award NAIMUNAid to individual delegates who are unable to attend NAIMUN due to financial constraints and who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and financial need. The application submission for individual delegates is the same as the application for delegation scholarships. There is space on the application to make clear whether you are submitting an application on behalf of an individual or a delegation.

Application Timeline

October 8, 2018 by 11:59 pm: Financial aid application due
October 31, 2018 by 11:59 pm: Financial aid results announced
November 14, 2018 by 11:59 pm: Final date to accept aid package


NAIMUN LVI Fundraising Guide

The NAIMUN LVI (2018-2019) Fundraising Guide is available here.


NAIMUN LVI Financial Aid Application

The NAIMUN LVI (2018-2019) Financial Aid Application is available here.