Barely 30 years independent, India has already seen several internal and external territorial disputes, religious and linguistic disunity, and economic and political instability. India is in a state of Emergency, and so, now that political opposition leaders are being arrested, the press censored, and democracy itself in India is threatened, some have gone underground to resist and fight against the Indira Gandhi government. As members of one of the highest levels of the Indian government, you are all responsible for guiding India’s first female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, as she attempts to centralize and stabilize her new nation. Will you serve her well, or will you choose to cause further political disarray? How will you fare in a political world that runs based on nepotism by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? We welcome you to claim your seat at the table.

Topic Abstract


Learning objectives: 

Delegates will gain...

  • Perspective on the Cold War from a South Asian point of view;

  • A better understanding of India's political development as an independent state, the challenges of sustaining democracy in a young state, as well as the consequences of Bengali independence;

  • Knowledge of the history of the Emergency in India;

  • An understanding of the major societal in India which complicate governing, such as religion, language, regional tensions, political affiliation, etc.

About the Chair


Lavanya Rajpal is a student in the School of Foreign Service, class of 2019, majoring in International Politics and minoring in International Development and French. Born in Mumbai, Lavanya has also lived in Tokyo, Melbourne, and, most recently, California. Lavanya participated in Model UN throughout high school, and will be completing her 8th and final year as staff and delegate with this NAIMUN. She enjoys reading, discussing politics, baking, and travelling, and spent her Junior year studying abroad in France and Morocco. She looks forward to meeting you all and having a great weekend at NAIMUN!

About the Crisis Manager


Shane Quinn is a double major in linguistics and Arabic and currently also working on his master’s in sociolinguistics. He comes from Boston and if you listen closely enough you’ll notice he has the accent. In addition to staffing NAIMUN for the past three years and doing MUN in high school, he works for the linguistics department and is involved with theatre, GUPride, and the Caravel (international affairs student paper). Shane is excited to craft an exciting and engaging crisis arc for you all!