Chair: John KEY


crisis manager: james gordy

In February 2019, the Catalan secession movement has gained significant power as well as support from international allies. The rebellion led by the Catalan Parliament has been successful in challenging the Spanish state since the October 2017 referendum on independence. The government faces new international and domestic challenges to secure independence from Spain. The European Union continues to push for a solution that avoids threatening the territorial integrity of Spain, but Catalonia has allies in Russia and other states that would benefit from weakening the sovereignty of the Spanish state. Whether through separation, the granting of new privileges or a status quo, the future of the Catalan people hangs in the balance.

TOPIC Abstract



Delegates will gain...

  • A deep understanding of nationalism and regional conflict in Spain;

  • Knowledge of legal and practical issues of secession;

  • Experience in solving disputes that are layered with ideological divisions and cultural differences.

About the Chair

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John Conner is an aspiring International Economics major in Georgetown’s 2021 School of Foreign Service class, with a minor in French and procrastination. He’s a Texas native that’s been living in Switzerland for many years, and never tires of explaining the entire boring story to those unable to escape. When not staffing NCSC and NAIMUN, he can be found with the Fencing Team, rejecting loans for HMFI, or binge watching Mad Men. He can’t wait to welcome you all to D.C. this February!



About the Joint Crisis Manager

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William Rau (’20) is a student in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown. He is a 3-time NAIMUN staffer, a writer for the Caravel international relations newspaper, and the varsity coxswain for the men’s heavyweight rowing team. Will is an international politics major with a focus on foreign policy processes, and is a Chinese language minor. In the fall of 2018, he is studying abroad at Middlebury College’s campus in Kunming, China. Though he primarily focuses on East Asia in coursework, Will’s diplomatic interests have no limits. He was the head of Phillips Exeter’s Model UN team for two years, and has been a delegate since middle school. He is excited to return for his third NAIMUN in February.

About the Crisis Manager: 


James Gordy is a junior in the School of Foreign Service from Bethesda, Maryland. He is majoring in International Politics with a minor in Spanish. He has staffed both NCSC and NAIMUN and serves on the International Relations Club’s Communications Board. Outside of Model UN, James writes for The Caravel, a campus newspaper, and does research with the Center for Latin American Studies.See you in February for the best NAIMUN yet!