The year is 2006, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has entered into office as President of Liberia in the aftermath of ten years of gruesome civil war. As she enters into office, Sirleaf and her cabinet must navigate the intricacies of crafting policy to stabilize the country’s devastated political and economic infrastructure and to regain the trust of a people haunted by the horrors of crimes against humanity. As tensions wage between the polarizing forces of retribution and forgiveness; of resisting and welcoming Western interests into the country, the members of this committee must learn to work together and balance divergent interests for the sake of Liberia’s future. To solve these pressing issues at the vanguard of Liberian politics, Sirleaf and her cabinet must circumvent the traditional patriarchal power structures of the country’s past and forge their own path towards the future. Join the “Iron Lady of Africa” to unite and stabilize the post-war Liberia.


Politics of Memory & Healing


Economic Reconstruction & the Role of International Aid


Status of Women & Children




NAIMUN strives to provide every delegate with a well-rounded, educational, and enjoyable experience. The learning objectives for The Iron Lady of Africa: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Cabinet are as follows. Delegates will:

  • Learn about the multi-faceted forms that post-conflict reconciliation and rehabilitation can take, whether it be infrastructural development or prosecution of war crimes

  • Demonstrate the means through which a country’s populace can come together after massive humanitarian crises

  • Elucidate the multilateral interactions between the public and private sectors in navigating post-conflict rehabilitation

About the Chair


Claudia Leonor is a member of the class of 2020 in Georgetown’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is studying Government with minors in Arabic and Spanish, and her course of study analyzes post-conflict social and political rehabilitation initiatives in Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Claudia hails from the distant and enticing southern land of Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is proud to call Washington, D.C. her new home. As a sophomore in high school, she was peer-pressured by her upperclassmen friends to join Model United Nations and has since sold her soul to all things MUN. Claudia has been involved with Georgetown’s MUN community since stepping onto campus, having staffed every iteration of NAIMUN and the National Collegiate Security Conference (NAIMUN’s sister conference on the college circuit) since her freshman fall and having served on the Secretariat of NAIMUN LV as the Deputy Undersecretary-General of Councils, Boards, and Courts. Outside of MUN, Claudia is extensively involved in the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority: she currently serves as the Recruitment Chair for the Fall 2019 recruitment cycle and has served in the past as the Public Relations Chair and as the Lead for the sorority’s Working Group on Diversity. Claudia also teaches English as a Second Language in the larger D.C. community and dabbles in community organizing with the Latinx and Asian-Pacific Islander communities in the DMV area. When not doing (or while doing) the aforementioned things, Claudia can be found fangirling over the works of Francisco de Goya, talking about her semester abroad in Spain (“DiD yOu KnOw I sTuDiEd AbRoAd”), or making fun of Patrick Walsh.


about the crisis manager

Patrick Walsh is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Foreign Service. He is currently studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Biotechnology & Global Health. When studying, he likes to dive deep into issues of disease emergence, social determinants of health, and the politics of health. He calls Watertown, Massachusetts home, a lovely city right outside Boston. He has done Model UN for most of his high school career and actually attended NAIMUN his junior year of high school. From this passion, he has served on Secretariat for NAIMUN LVI as the Deputy Undersecretary-General for the National Security Apparatus, as well as staffed a variety of crisis committees, and will seek to create engaging, innovative, and intentional crises for delegates. On the Hilltop, Patrick has served in the Georgetown University Student Association leadership, led ESCAPE (a retreat program for first-year students), and will stage manage the spring production for Georgetown’s Nomadic Theatre. Patrick also loves to stay up late and marvel at the brutalist architecture in the school library, nerd out about random things, and make fun of Claudia Leonor.


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