crisis manager: Jack Korologos


Michel Temer’s Cabinet is composed of the Brazilian Ministers of State, senior advisors to the President, and other high-ranking government officials selected by the President and serving at his pleasure. As one of the highest levels of the Brazilian government, the President’s Cabinet advises him on all matters of governance and politics. With President Dilma Rousseff under impeachment proceedings in the Senate, members of the Cabinet will guide the Acting President through the conclusion of the Senate’s debate, the Olympics, the ongoing corruption investigations into notable politicians, including Temer himself, and the 2018 elections. As members of the Cabinet, will you guide President Temer in his quest to secure the economy, maintain order, and survive politically, or will you strive towards a Brazil without Temer?

TOPIC Abstract



Delegates will gain...

  • An in-depth understanding of a pivotal time in contemporary Brazilian history that has long-term implications to the future of the continent and Brazil’s position in the international sphere;

  • A new perspective on the implications of political corruption on society and government;

  • Experience with government reactions to economic problems and civil unrest during chaotic times.

About the Chair


Felipe Lobo Koerich is a student in the School of Foreign Service, class of 2021, likely majoring in International Politics. Born in Campinas, Brazil. Felipe has also lived in Amsterdam, Houston, and New Orleans before to moving to Washington D.C. At Georgetown, Felipe is an editor for the international newspaper, the Caravel, a representative on the SFS Academic Council, a member of the Concert Choir, and the Director of Professional Development for the Georgetown Chapter of Rotary International. When not planning for NAIMUN or accurately noting that football should be played with one’s feet and a ball (not one’s hands or an egg), Felipe enjoys reading the news, singing, and writing short stories.

About the Crisis Manager


 Jack Korologos is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2021 in the College of Arts & Sciences. He intends to double major in Government and Economics. Born and raised in New York City, Jack embraces a fast paced environment. His first interest in Model United Nations began his senior year in high school. That interest became a passion after traveling as a delegate with Georgetown’s Model UN team and staffing both NCSC XLV and NAIMUN LV. Beyond re-watching Game of Thrones, discussing the potential of bitcoin, or arguing in favor of the oxford comma, Jack is a member of the professional Foreign Service fraternity, Delta Phi Epsilon. The past summer, he interned at an investment bank within the wealth management department. Jack is excited for what’s to come at NAIMUN LVI!