Dear Moderators, Delegates, and Friends of NAIMUN,

Greetings from Washington, D.C.! As the Secretary-General and Executive Director of NAIMUN LVI, we cannot wait to welcome you to the 56th iteration of the North American Invitational Model United Nations, held at the Washington Hilton from February 14th - February 17th, 2019.  We hope to innovate and expand on the premier Model United Nations conference that you have all come to know very well. NAIMUN is famous for its substantive excellence, academic rigor, and educational programming, all things we hope to continue and build on in its 56th year. NAIMUN will host delegates from across the US and the world in 39 innovative and rewarding committees.

Our entire staff is incredibly passionate about making this the best NAIMUN possible for all of you. Through participating in high level debate, starting engaging dialogues through speakers and panels, and exploring the nation’s capital, we hope that delegates will find this conference instrumental in igniting their curiosity for international affairs. All of our 250+ Georgetown University undergraduate staffers share in our dedication to educate the next generation of global leaders, and we will work as hard as we can to equip the 3,300+ high school delegates with a robust educational experience.

After every year, we review all of the feedback we received from moderators and delegates and adjust next year’s conference in order to make quality improvements. This year, we are focusing on three goals of improvement for NAIMUN LVI:

  • Comprehensive Logistics: At NAIMUN LVI, we want to ensure that the focus of the conference isn’t on the logistics, but rather on learning in committee and having an enjoyable experience out of committee. This year we are introducing an extensive guide for the conference weekend for moderator use. Not only will this include information found in a typical conference guide, but it will also include more detailed directions for all the various programming events and helpful notes to guide your delegation through the conference. This will serve to provide information in advance of the conference, as well as to reduce the length of moderator meetings. We will also introduce a block schedule for committee sessions to give attendees more personal time and create a better flow of events throughout the weekend. We hope this reduces any extraneous effort and makes the conference weekend a smoother experience.

  • Accessibility: We strive to make NAIMUN more accessible to all delegates and moderators. Our financial aid currently is one of the most robust on the circuit and we’re looking to expand NAIMUNAid going into this year as well. This also includes the continuation of buses for Friday morning programming so that financial costs aren’t prohibiting any attendee from taking advantage of the historic sites Washington D.C. has to offer. NAIMUN should be an opportunity to learn and grow and economic status should never be a barrier to having an educational, fun experience. It is our hope that improving the financial accessibility of NAIMUN will allow even more schools to partake in this educational opportunity.

  • Educational Integration: NAIMUN has always prided itself on being more than just a Model United Nations conference, as at its core, it is a comprehensive learning experience for delegates. This year, we are taking a new approach to connect delegates’ substantive debate with their out-of-committee experience. From committee speakers to off-site programming, NAIMUN LVI will be taking advantage of the resources that Washington, D.C. has to offer in order to enhance the understanding of each committee’s focus area. Through this commitment to an integrated weekend, delegates will realize that the voices they build in committee can and will make a difference in the international community as they grow into global leaders. We believe that this innovation will create the most well-rounded education for the delegates to maximize their weekend using the learning goals upon which NAIMUN prides itself.

We appreciate your continued dedication to the conference and for putting your trust in us. Our passion and love for NAIMUN knows no bounds, and we could not be more excited to create the best experience possible.

We are excited to announce that Early Registration will be opening on May 14th, 2018. If you are not already on our email list and would like to be added prior to registering, please do not hesitate to send your contact information to naimun@modelun.org.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns regarding the upcoming conference, please do not hesitate to contact us. Chase can be reached at naimunsg@modelun.org, and Abbey can be reached at naimuned@modelun.org. We look forward to getting to know you all and creating an unforgettable NAIMUN LVI!

Best wishes,

Abbey Nichols

Executive Director

Chase Wagers




The NAIMUN staff is working to ensure that every single aspect of the conference is an opportunity. NAIMUN always strives to be an opportunity for discovery: for delegates to discover a new skill in committee, a new international topic they’re passionate about through researching for position papers, a path they may be interested in through listening to committee speakers, an interesting exhibit in a D.C. museum, or a new friendship with someone they met during the conference weekend. The opportunities for discovery at NAIMUN are endless. NAIMUN cares about every single attendee and wants everyone to have an unparalleled experience. With this goal in mind, we will continue to enhance the conference's access to the city of Washington D.C., offer a broad range of unique, dynamic committees to suit all interests, and introduce delegates to real-life foreign affairs through engaging speaker events. Overall, we hope this perspective on NAIMUN will leave a lasting impression on the moderators and delegates to commemorate an unforgettable weekend.