The New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service (NSIS) is the fledgling intelligence-collecting body of New Zealand, which works in conjunction with the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom in maintaining global order. The NSIS, based in Wellington, New Zealand, along with the rest of the Anglosphere is particularly vested in stymying the aggressive maneuvers of communist nations, namely the Soviet Union and China. The group of five countries, known as the “Five Eyes,” is entrusted with the duty of both offensive and defensive intelligence sharing and communication to prevent security breakdowns, as well as debating both international and domestic dilemmas.

TOPIC Abstract


Revolutionary Movements | Consequences of Totalitarian Rule | Arms Race Intelligence




Delegates will gain...

  • Comprehend the importance of the issue of nuclear weapons proliferation and further understanding of its potential dangers;
  • Deliberate the causes and effects of revolution, particularly across Eastern Europe, as well as the global reactions to unrest in the region;
  • Devise strategies for sharing intelligence across borders in a manner that does not hinder domestic policy;
  • Understand the Cold-War-mindset and how fears of communist subversion fueled specific policies and approaches both domestically and internationally. 


About the Chair

Jefferson Ford is a member of the McDonough School of Business Class of 2021, majoring in International Business Regional Studies, with a concentration on China, as well as Operations and Information Management. He is originally the small town of Butler outside of Pittsburgh, and although he enjoys the lifestyle in Washington, he still refuses to root for any team other than the Pirates or Steelers. At Georgetown, Jefferson is a member of the International Relations Club and works as an English teacher for Mexican students. When he’s not practicing writing Chinese characters, you can find Jefferson hiking or cycling DC’s trails, playing retro video games, and blasting indie music.

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About the Crisis Manager

Stephen Golden is a senior in the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies with a focus on Latin America and Africa and minoring in French. Stephen is from the Boston area and is a big Boston sports fan. This will be Stephen’s seventh (and final) NAIMUN so he’s super excited to finish off his NAIMUN career with this committee. Beyond Model UN, Stephen is mostly involved with service organizations on campus, specifically Alpha Phi Omega – a co-ed service fraternity – and St. Elizabeth’s Outreach – a psychiatric hospital outreach program.