Chair: Daria boulos

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s mission is to be “the collective voice of the Muslim world,” with its goal being “to safeguard the interests and ensure the progress and well-being of Muslims,” based on the larger aim of promoting international peace and understanding. Founded in 1969, it now has 57 member states and represents around 2 billion people across 4 continents. The OIC is the second largest inter-governmental organization, after the UN. Its official languages are French, English, and Arabic.

Topic B

Youth Unemployment and its Impacts on Political Stability

Topic A

Islamic Financing and Public-Private Partnerships

Topic Abstract




Delegates will gain...

  • A deeper awareness of the similar and dissimilar challenges faced by Islamic countries, such as contrasting the Arab world with Sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia;

  • Knowledge of the role that economic factors play in political and ideological movements;

  • Exposure to a supranational organ created around shared sociocultural identities rather than geographic proximity, and insight into how such an organization might function differently from other supranational organizations;

  • Consciousness regarding the perils, complications, and intersections of disenfranchisement, poverty, faith, and modernity, and the diplomatic balance and cooperation required for development.

About the Chair


Daria Boulos is currently a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy. In addition to MUN, on campus she is on the Events Committee of Georgetown Women in Leadership as well as a Board Member for the Georgetown Arab Society. Coming from a Lebanese background, Daria has always been interested in Middle Eastern politics and is currently studying Arabic in school. Daria has been doing MUN since her freshman year in high school and actually competed as a NAIMUN delegate herself six years ago. Aside from school she loves watching crime shows and gathering new content for her food instagram, so if you need any recommendations for exploring the DC food scene let her know! She is so excited to be your Chair for the weekend and can't wait to meet you all!