NAIMUN is incredibly proud of the important central role that Philanthropy and Social Justice plays in the mission of our conference. Beyond providing an exciting and educational experience for our delegates, NAIMUN staffers recognize that it is our responsibility to truly be "men and women for others," not just as Georgetown students, but as global citizens. With this in mind, each year NAIMUN identifies and partners with a worthy charitable cause to benefit others around the world. This year, at NAIMUN LVI, delegates will help to support Room to Read

You can donate to our Room to Read fundrdaiser here.


What is Room to Read?

Room to Read works “to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.” They facilitate relationships with various communities worldwide in order to get to know the culture so they can best find a way to sustainably support girls’ education in secondary school. Room to Read believes that education is a right deserved by every person.

Choma Primary pupil happily holding book during a lesson.jpg
Mwanachilenga desk mates sharing a book during a reading lesson.jpg

Where do our donations go?

All donations made by delegates, advisors, and staff members will go to fund girls’ education in Tanzania. Various communities in Tanzania, including Mvomero, Bagamoyo, and Kihaba have been touched by Room to Read, with their support in founding libraries in schools that are in collaboration with Room to Read. These libraries are not only beneficial to the children at these schools, but it also gives parents a way to supplement their literacy skills or to begin their skills; additionally it provides resources for the teachers that they can use in class.


Learn more about the important work Room to Read does by watching this video.