approximate committee size: 22

Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was the sixth emperor of the Roman Empire, and often known to be the most notorious and problematic of the early period of the Empire. As a result, a group of politicians, intellectuals, and soldiers have formed a conspiracy against the regime. This is the the Pisonian Conspiracy, organized by Roman statesman Gaius Calpurnius Piso. These men have come together in council to discuss the current state of the Empire and how they will restore it to its greatness, chiefly through usurping the throne and figuring out how to pick up the pieces of Empire moving forward.

General debate in this committee will cover a wide expanse of topics, providing delegates the chance to adapt to the ever-changing political landscape of the Empire. Delegates will be forced to juggle between fostering economic prosperity, maintaining security, and holding on to their general ethics. Through the high level of impact that delegate narratives will have on the committee as a whole, delegates will learn to adapt to unforeseen events generated by one another in addition to reacting to the surprises brought from the crisis team. Rome is at a turning point; good luck conspirators!


background guide coming soon


NAIMUN strives to provide every delegate with a well-rounded, educational, and enjoyable experience. The learning objectives for the Pisonian Conspiracy are as follows. Delegates will:

  • Gain detailed knowledge of the difficulties facing the Roman Empire, both internal economic, political, and social issues as well as external threats, at the closing of the Julio-Claudian period

  • Understand the challenges facing coups and ensuing reform, such as administrative collapse, counter-coups, and separatist movements, while forming a government that possesses legitimacy and has effective control over numerous economically and culturally diverse societies

  • Explore how political and military leaders of the time period made decisions during times of strife, with a particular eye towards deal-making and other forms of diplomacy

About the Chair

Pisonian Conspiracy- Chair Bio-Tobias Cebulash.jpg

Tobias Cebulash is a Class of 2020 studying Culture & Politics in Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, specializing in Art and Propaganda under Interfering Regimes. He has been doing Model UN since his freshman year and has enjoyed his time both traveling to and staffing conferences. In addition to participating in MUN-related activities, Tobias is a U.S. Army cadet with the Hoya Battalion ROTC program, has studied abroad in Latvia, has served as Director of Special Events on the board of Georgetown’s International Relations Club, and has served as Head Coordinator of the Georgetown Diplomacy & International Security Conference. In his free time, he practices his Russian and does pushups (hopefully he won’t get kicked out of ROTC). His life role model is Hunter S. Thompson’s attorney, and his goal in life is to reintroduce the practice of decimation in the modern military.

About the Crisis Manager

Pisonian Conspiracy- CM Bio-Eman Rahman.jpg

Eman Rahman is a rising senior in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in English and Economics. He drinks approximately 5-6 glasses of milk every day and has been competing in Model UN crisis committees since high school, but now rather prefers staffing crisis committees because he values the dominion over narrative that it gives him. In addition to staffing NAIMUN, Eman is the CEO for one of the largest student-run investment funds in the country, a founding member of Georgetown’s Sigma Chi fraternity chapter, and a former D1 Varsity athlete for Georgetown. He does more pushups than his roommate Tobias, and his ultimate dream is that NAIMUN will one day allow him to run that Game of Thrones committee that he’s been campaigning for. Ask him about his 75-page thesis that he’s writing about cinenarrative dissonance or about his future as a Wall Street banker.  








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