Editor in Chief: Diego de la Torre 

Tasked with producing two issues of the NAIMUN Daily, Press Corps is not a traditional committee. Press Corps is responsible for the role of a global journalistic body, reporting on various topics from different committees throughout the conference. As reporters, each individual will be held to high journalistic and professional standards to bridge the gap between those in power and the public.  Being in Press Corps is fast paced and demanding, but you will soon learn that the role of a journalist is essential.


Approximate committee size: 18

Topic Abstract

Learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • The opportunity to take on the role of a news reporter during the conference, focusing on the workings of other committees and interacting with other delegates and staffers to craft a well-rounded news article;

  • The understanding of the important role the media has in modern-day geopolitics, bridging the divide between power and the public through unbiased truth of the current state of world affairs 24/7, uncovering secrets to provide the public with the transparency it desires.

About the Chair


Diego De La Torre is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, and is currently undecided on a major area of study. Raised on the Mexican-American border, Diego loves D.C. and Georgetown, but misses the killer desert sunsets, paying less than $10 for a meal, and the frequent trips to the neighboring city of Ciudad Juarez. At Georgetown, Diego takes up as many opportunities as possible, whether on campus or through internships. When not planning for NAIMUN, Diego loves reading, playing the violin, jamming out to music, and watching The Office for the hundredth time.