crisis manager: JEREMY COHEN


approximate committee size: 20

Здравствуйте делегаты! These are uncertain days in the Russian Federation. The United States and its NATO allies close in to our West. Our approval ratings tumble. Our economy remains a shambles since collapsing in the 2008 crisis. Yet as in all dark chapters of our long history, there is hope. To cage the Russian bear is to invite disaster, and our enemies will soon be reminded of this. This year, 2014, will see Russia emerge resplendent from the troubles which have befallen us to claim our proper place among the nations. This year, our country will be on display to the world in Sochi. With the everpresent terrorist threat, we must project not only stability, but power on the world stage. Trouble looms across the border in the Ukraine where instigators call for the removal of Viktor Yanukovych. How will we deal with ethnic Russians outside our borders, in the face of NATO expansion? In addition to our concerns around the world and in the Near Abroad, we must ask difficult questions of our own economy. How can our economy be insulated from shocks to the commodities market? How do we shake off the shackles of the Soviet planned economy? All these issues and more must be answered for Russia to find its place in the post-Soviet world. Удачи, друзья!


Crisis in Ukraine


Commodity Dependence & the Russian Economy


Sochi Olympics


background guide coming soon


NAIMUN strives to provide every delegate with a well-rounded, educational, and enjoyable experience. The learning objectives for From Russia, with Love: Cabinet of Vladimir Putin, 2014 are as follows. Delegates will:

  • Analyze the degree to which Russia is a prisoner to its history, and whether reform is feasible

  • Build an understanding of Russian foreign policy objectives and how they differ from those of the United States

  • Consider the relationship between the Russian state and the Russian people, both within Russia and outside its borders

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About the Chair

Avery League is a member of the Class of 2020 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. She is majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a Biotechnology and Global Health concentration and a French minor. Avery grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, and is still learning to cope with the concept of snow. At Georgetown, Avery served as Executive Director of NCSC XLVI, NAIMUN's sister conference for university students, and has spent time on Georgetown’s Model UN travel team. She also served as Chair of the Irish Republican Army at NAIMUN LV. Outside of MUN, Avery chooses to actively ignore her lack of physical coordination as a member of Club Rock Climbing. Her chosen forms of procrastination are Oscar Best Picture winners and Broadway musicals, and she is a shameless Nutella addict. Avery is looking forward to returning to NAIMUN and welcoming you all to Vladimir Putin’s Cabinet!


About the Crisis Manager

Jeremy is a member of the Class of 2020, studying International History in the School of Foreign Service. He is a proud native of Princeton, New Jersey, where his MUN career began as a sophomore in high school. Jeremy has served as worked extensively with Georgetown’s college-circuit conference as NCSC XLV’s USG of Cabinets and Boards and as the NCSC XLVI Chief of Staff. Currently, he is serving as the CEO of the Georgetown International Relations Association, the organization that oversees NAIMUN. Jeremy is an enthusiast of all things post-Soviet, with a particular interest in Central Asia. When not reading the most recent news out of Kyrgyzstan, Jeremy is typically watching his favorite soccer team, Leeds United, in a mixed state of hopelessness and despair. After competing as a delegate at NAIMUN in high school and serving as a Crisis Manager for the last three years, Jeremy is excited to make his last NAIMUN his best one!

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