(Spanish Bilingual)



approximate committee size: 20

       The year is 1936 and the Popular Front has just been elected. Riding a mass wave of support from a liberal coalition, they managed to sweep the second republic from power. However, the honeymoon for this new government was short lived. Almost immediately on entering power, cracks were beginning to be sown in the fabric of Spanish social and political life. Conservatives, tired with the center-left position two governments, are ardently working to undermine any action of the Popular Front. Tensions continue to build as the country struggles to battle the demons of its past; such as the autonomy of states like Catalonia and the wealth disparity. The Popular Front did little to ameliorate the problems with the Nationalists as they focused more on enacting the policies they had promised voters. Additionally, the Popular Front felt relatively safe knowing that most of the Nationalist members were in the Spanish military stationed in Morocco and therefore quite far from the nation's capital. The committee will take place in July of 1936 just before the nationalist party mobilizes in an effort to take back the country. It will be the job of the Popular Front Government to navigate and win the war while setting policies for the long-term future of the country.


background guide coming soon


NAIMUN strives to provide every delegate with a well-rounded, educational, and enjoyable experience. The learning objectives for Spanish Civil War: The Republican Cabinet are as follows. Delegates will gain:

  • A unique learning experience of the arduous and challenging task of ensuring the protection of democracy of a weakened country through revolution

  • A thorough understanding of the political, social, and economic tensions that surrounded Spain throughout this time

  • An interesting perspective into the Spanish Civil War both from the viewpoint of Spanish Republican military and social leaders


About the Chair

Gianmarco Dedós is a senior in the McDonough School of Business. He is majoring in Finance and Operations Management with a minor in economics. Although born and raised in Puerto Rico, he considers Washington D.C. to be his home away from home. At Georgetown, Gianmarco is active in clubs like the Georgetown Collegiate Investors (GCI), the International Relations Club (IRC), and the Puerto Rican Student Association (PRSA). As hobbies Gianmarco likes to box, frequent the beach, and watch his Dallas Cowboys. This will be his first experience as a NAIMUN Chair and he is very excited to see you all in February.


about the crisis manager

Pedro Rosario is a rising senior in the College at Georgetown University with a major in Government and a double minor in Art History and Jewish Civilization. Pedro has been part of the NAIMUN team since his freshman year and is very excited to partake in his last ever conference at NAIMUN LVII. While at Georgetown, Pedro is involved in clubs such as the IRC (International Relations Club) and the PRSA (Puerto Rican Student Association). Outside of Georgetown, he enjoys to snowboard, going to the beach, scuba diving, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games (he’s pretty good at 2K). The past two years, Pedro has served as chair to NAIMUN’s first and second ever bilingual committees and this will be his first time serving as a Crisis Manager. He is very excited to be a part of this new experience outside of the debate room!

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