In 1830, the British Empire is the most formidable military and economic force history has ever seen. India is the crown jewel of Britain’s far-reaching empire, and it is this crown jewel that has led the empire to set its sights on Afghanistan. Afghanistan acts as a buffer between Britain’s Indian colony and the mighty Russian Tsardom. If Russia were to control Afghanistan, Russia would have all the strategic pieces lined up to launch an invasion of the Indian subcontinent. Britain’s meddling in Afghanistan and Central Asia has just begin, and the generals, diplomats, and bureaucrats of the Russian Tsardom have a great game before them. Will Russia seek compromise or conflict? Let the game begin!




NAIMUN strives to provide every delegate with a well-rounded, educational, and enjoyable experience. The learning objectives for The Great Game: Russia in Afghanistan, 1830 are as follows. Delegates will:

  • Understand the strategic value of Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan, and the region’s relationships with other European colonial empires

  • Explore the Russian Tsardom’s military, economic, and diplomatic capabilities in the mid-19th century

  • Gain insight into factors that shaped one of the present’s most politically troubled regions

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About the Chair 

Clay Volino is a member of the Georgetown Class of 2022 interested in majoring in Government. He comes to Georgetown from Palo Alto, CA, but he lived in Washington, D.C. before that. Clay was a Crisis Analyst in Ad-Hoc at NAIMUN LVI and regularly competes on the travel team. He is also the Director of Delegate Affairs for NCSC, Georgetown’s collegiate conference, and just finished serving as Treasurer of the International Relations Club. Outside of Model UN, Clay plays Trombone in the Georgetown Pep Band, serves on the Student Activities Commission, and works on campaigning and professional development with the College Democrats. Clay also enjoys trying new restaurants and foods with friends, going for bike rides, and travelling near and far. He is looking forward to working with you as Chair at NAIMUN LVII!


About the Crisis Manager

Simon Ospenson is a student in Georgetown College (Class of 2020) studying Russian, with additional minors and coursework in History, Linguistics, and Computer Science. A long time crisis addict, he has competed and awarded at numerous conferences with Georgetown’s travel team and staffed the crisis suite of every Georgetown conference since NAIMUN 2017. He is fresh off of a wonderful semester abroad in Petrograd itself and eager to share his newfound ability to improvise Lenin-style speeches in Russian, his habit for late night шаверма (shaverma) from the sketchiest possible holes-in-the-wall, and, more than anything else, an abiding love for the culture, history and language of the Bolsheviks and Romanovs. When not in WBA, he enjoys running, climbing, parliamentary debate, and pining for his much-missed home state of Massachusetts. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to explore a fractious, contentious, and fascinating slice of history this NAIMUN!

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