Chair: justin mccartney

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), founded in 1965, works with 170 countries to fight poverty, reduction of inequalities and exclusion. Therefore it supports governments to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results. The UNDP focuses on building sustainable development, democratic governance and peace building as well as climate and disaster resilience. It sees itself especially promoting human rights for women, minorities, the poorest and most vulnerable.

Topic B

Water and ocean governance

Topic A

Enhancing adaptation and resilience to climate change

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Learning goals

Delegates will...

  • Understand the importance of environmental policy in the protection towards global warming;

  • Comprehend why low income and minority communities are usually those who are most affected by climate change risks;

  • See the interconnection between a country's economic growth and the environmental regulations implemented in said country;

  • Learn how through the earth’s water cycle are inextricably linked the planet’s freshwater and oceans;

  • Recognize UNDP’s jurisdiction since the international economy and social system depends on how we manage the fraction of this water cycle that continuously moves through nature and society.

About the Chair

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Justin McCartney is a senior in the Georgetown School of Foreign Service concentrating in Culture and Politics, and is originally from Swedesboro, New Jersey. Justin first became involved in Model UN during his freshman year of high school, and hasn’t been able to escape since. He has traveled with Georgetown’s MUN team and has senior staffed both of Georgetown’s conferences, NCSC and NAIMUN. Outside of Model UN, Justin, along with his DISEC Chair, Christian, and NCSC XLV Executive Director, Aaron Bennett, runs a weekly political podcast, Fly on the Wall, and does work with Georgetown’s student government. He also enjoys spending many weekend nights at The Tombs, especially for Trivia Nights. Justin is incredibly excited to be serving as your Chair for the United Nations Development Programme for his last NAIMUN!