Chair: Zac Schroepfer

In the 1957 Senate, 96 individuals are elected to represent, and debate on behalf of their respective states. They will operate under modified Senate rules, and will discuss the Soviet-American and Sino-American relations, as well as US intelligence collection. Unlike the other committees in the NSA organ, this will function as a General Assembly, with very few crisis elements and no individual crisis notes or powers. Delegates will select, debate, and write a bill addressing one topic, which will be closely related to the functionings of the other committees. This committee will function on the same timeline as the rest of the organ and the solutions passed in the Senate may affect the other four committees. As the only committee that functions in the public eye, delegate remarks, solutions proposed, and draft resolutions in the Senate may also make their way into the crisis updates in the other committees so as to simulate how legislative bodies and intelligence bureaus interact.  


US Intelligence Collection and Sharing


Sino-American & Soviet-American relations

Topic Abstract



Delegates will gain...

  • Understanding of the domestic politics of the United States that influenced US policy toward international actors during the early Cold War;

  • Various interpretations on how the United States should approach competition with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China;

  • Insight into the US intelligence systems in place at the time and how they interacted with those in the Five Eyes alliance;

  • Negotiation, public speaking, and resolution writing skills.

About the Chair

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Zac Schroepfer is a student in the Class of 2019 of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University pursuing majors in Marketing and Operations & Information Management with a minor in Economics and a certificate in Global Business. Zac hails from the bustling metropolis of Tallahassee, Florida, and since coming from the Panhandle of Florida he has truly found his northern home here on the Hilltop. Zac is involved with the student government, the Georgetown Program Board, the University's tour guide society, the Georgetown Neighborhood's Advisory Neighborhood Commission, as well as an Head Delegate of the Georgetown University Travel Model United Nations Team. Zac is excited to meet all of the delegates this upcoming February and see what great, fun, and crazy ideas everyone brings to the table!