chair: raphy hupez

crisis manager: john erath

The year is 59 BCE. In Rome, an ambitious young politician, Gaius Julius Caesar, has just completed a controversial and eventful consulship. He is deeply in debt from the expansive bribes to the rich and doles to the poor he handed out to gain and hold onto power. Caesar has gathered a large army of seasoned, battle-hardened veterans to which he is adding new recruits to prepare an invasion of Gaul in order to enrich himself and recoup campaign losses. Meanwhile, in the wilds of Gaul, rumors are spreading of a powerful, charismatic Gallic king named Vercingetorix. He has united tens of previously warring tribes under his banner to revolt against Roman forces. This committee is a meeting of the chieftains of different Gallic tribes as they come together to organize a defense against the Roman invasion of Gaul.

Topic Abstract

approximate committee size: 25

Learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • A firsthand look at one of the pivotal periods in Roman history, one that was instrumental in the transition from republic to empire and the life of Julius Caesar;

  • A strong understanding of the complexities of war and diplomacy and the necessity for a nuanced understanding of social, political, cultural, religious, and economic factors of way beyond troop movements and battle plans;

  • A better knowledge of asymmetrical warfare and innovative tactics necessary for a small, unorganized group opposing a larger power that translates well to many of today's conflicts.

About the Chair

Raphy Hupez.jpg

Raphy is a member of Georgetown's Class of 2021 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service intending to major in International Economics and minor in Italian. She is a native French speaker and has lived in New Delhi, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and Washington, D.C. Raphy attended NAIMUN as a delegate twice in high school, and staffed the conference as a crisis analyst last year. Additionally, Raphy has served on the secretariat of NAIMUN’s sister conference,NCSC, which Georgetown hosts for college students. Outside of Model UN, Raphy spends most of her time building sets for Nomadic Theatre, and mentoring freshmen in the Emerging Leaders Program. She enjoys traveling and discovering new restaurants with friends as they aid her in her mission to find DC’s best French pastries.

About the Crisis Manager

John Erath is a Junior in the School of Foreign Service hailing from Arlington, Virginia, studying International History with a focus on Latin American military history. He is incredibly excited to be your Crisis Manager for the Vercingetorix' Confederation, 59 BC, at NAIMUN LIV this year! He is also pursuing a Certificate in Australia and New Zealand studies and minoring in Portuguese, so if you have interests in any of those fields, he is more than capable of talking about them for hours on end. When John is not traveling with Georgetown’s MUN team or staffing conferences, he works with Residential Living at Georgetown and participates in College Republicans and the 1634 Society. He also currently serves as Chief Competitive Officer for the Georgetown International Relations Association. This will be his 8th NAIMUN, and he's incredibly excited to welcome delegates to this year's NAIMUN, a conference that has become dear to him over almost a decade as a staffer, delegate, and secretariat member. He looks forward to seeing delegates bring the ancient world to life and teach the arrogant Caesar a lesson!