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A Message from the Executives

Dear Moderators, Delegates, and Friends of NAIMUN,

Greetings from Washington, DC! As the Secretary-General and Executive Director of NAIMUN LIV, we want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the fifty-fourth edition of our conference, which will occur from February 16th – 19th, 2017. This year, we hope to continue the substantive excellence, intellectual rigor and delegate engagement that has been built over the last fifty-three years. As one of the premier conferences on the high school circuit, each year, NAIMUN hosts delegates from across the US and the world in 39 innovative and rewarding committees.

We know that we speak on behalf of the entire staff when we say that we will do everything we can to uphold the standard of excellence that you have come to know. Through participating in high level debate, interacting with esteemed speakers and exploring the nation’s capital, we hope that delegates will find this conference instrumental in building their love for, and education in, international affairs. All of our 200+ staffers are Georgetown University undergraduate students who share in our mission to educate the next generation of global leaders, and we will work as hard as we can to equip the 3,300+ high school delegates with a robust educational experience.

Each year, we consider the moderator feedback from the previous year in order to make important improvements to the conference. At this time, we would like to highlight some of the changes that we plan to implement at NAIMUN LIV:

Enhanced Committee Experience: We want to ensure that all committees are run to their full potential, and that all staff are executing them to the best of their ability. This year, we plan to enhance training procedures for our staff and allocate our staff in a way that maximizes committee efficiency and educational opportunities

Revitalized Out-of-Committee Programming: This year, we plan to integrate NAIMUN’s philanthropic focus more closely with the remainder of the conference, specifically in terms of out-of-committee programming opportunities. Additionally, we will be implementing new staff training mechanisms in order to ensure that tours are run more smoothly both logistically and substantively.

NAIMUN LIV is sure to be a memorable component of each delegate’s high school experience, and we thank you for your continued trust in us. We are very excited to announce that Early Registration will open this year on May 15th. If you are not already on our email list and would like to be added prior to registering, please send your contact details to [email protected].

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming conference, please do not hesitate to contact us. Garrett can be reached at [email protected]. and Halle can be reached at [email protected]. We look forward to beginning the registration process soon and seeing everyone in February 2017!

Best wishes,

Garrett Williams
Halle Hagan
Executive Director