Casey Wetherbee is a member of the class of 2021 in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy. He’s lived in the city, the suburbs, and in cold upstate, so he usually just says he’s from “New York.” During his freshman year at Georgetown, Casey traveled to more Model UN conferences than he did all throughout high school, and the travel team is his main extracurricular, in addition to serving as Director-General of NAIMUN LVII. If there’s ever any free time in his Google Calendar you can usually find him watching Vine compilations, eating hummus, or playing piano. Casey is excited to welcome everyone to what will surely be the best NAIMUN yet!


elizabeth duncan

Elizabeth is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Political Economy and minoring in German. She is from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and feels strongly about biscuits and gravy and obscure Kentucky fun facts. Elizabeth served as Deputy Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies at NAIMUN LVI and is excited to be returning to General Assemblies again this year! She also staffs NCSC, Georgetown’s collegiate MUN conference, and participated in Model UN throughout high school. While not at the Washington Hilton, Elizabeth is Captain of the Georgetown Ballroom Dance Team. Elizabeth is excited to welcome you all to D.C. and hopes you enjoy NAIMUN as much as she does!

gavin sylvia

Gavin Sylvia is a member of the class of 2022 in the School of Foreign Service (SFS), majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). As the son of a military family Gavin moved around and was not introduced to MUN until his junior year of high school. At Georgetown, Gavin is an active member of the GU MUN Travel Team and regularly staffs NCSC and NAIMUN. When he isn't traveling for or talking about MUN, Gavin spends his time cramming for his various classes, procrastinating, going to events for the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition, and making Nutella toast with his friends at 2 in the morning. He is extremely excited to have this opportunity at NAIMUN LVII to share his incredible passion for MUN.


Daria Boulos

Daria Boulos is a member of the Class of 2021 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy and minoring in Arabic. She is originally from Denver, Colorado, and yes she can ski (but not very well). She has been doing Model UN since her freshman year in high school and even attended NAIMUN as a delegate. Before serving as co-USG of ECOSOCs for NAIMUN LVII, she chaired the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for NAIMUN LVI, and she has worked as a crisis analyst and chair for Georgetown’s collegiate level conference. When she isn’t working on something Model UN related, you can find Daria attending cultural events for Georgetown’s Arab Society, updating her food Instagram, or watching conspiracy theory videos on youtube. She is greatly looking forward to serving as your co-USG of ECOSOCs and is beyond excited to meet you all in February!

hoang-Nam vu

Hoang-Nam (Nam for short) is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2022, currently majoring in Biology in Georgetown College with an intended specialization in Environmental Biology and intended minors in Science, Technology, and International Affairs and Computer Science. Originally from Howell, NJ, he started Model UN on a whim in sophomore year of high school and hasn’t looked back since. Nam fell in love with NAIMUN as a Rapporteur for COPUOS at NAIMUN LVI, and serves as the USG for Assemblies and Summits at NCSC XLVII, NAIMUN’s sister conference. Outside of Model UN and in between classes, Nam pretends to know how to sing (and sometimes beatbox) as a member of the Georgetown Phantoms a cappella group and raises cultural awareness as the 2019-2020 Programming Chair for Georgetown’s Asian-American Student Association. He loves to play the piano, find new places to eat, and dance like nobody’s watching, and is super excited to serve as the USG for ECOSOCs!



Christopher Boose is a member of the College, Class of 2022, majoring in Government and Economics. As someone who participated in Model UN throughout high school, he was intent on keeping up his involvement with the International Relations Club at Georgetown. Thus far, he has served as a crisis analyst for NCSC, Georgetown’s college conference, and NAIMUN LVI. When not busy with Model UN, Christopher can be found drinking three cups of coffee in the library, doing work as part of the Georgetown University College Democrats, or taking the metro home to Falls Church, Virginia to steal his parents’ food. He’s looking forward to putting on creative and engaging regional committees for NAIMUN LVII and hopes all delegates will have as amazing an experience at NAIMUN LVII as he will.

faith kean

Faith Kean is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2022 majoring in Neurobiology and minoring in Theology. She grew up just outside of DC (#ALLCAPS) in Potomac, Maryland and was a NAIMUN delegate for 4 years. In college, Faith has served as Crisis Analyst for the Cabinet of Zimbabwe at NCSC XLVI and was Director for the New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service at NAIMUN LVI. While not catching up on schoolwork, she analyzes DNA in her research lab and volunteers at MedStar Georgetown Hospital. Faith is also part of Chi Alpha campus ministry and the Korean Student Association. For fun, she likes rewatching Rick & Morty episodes and can be found on Cooper field playing club field hockey or frisbee. Faith is extremely excited to serve as your Undersecretary General of Regionals at NAIMUN LVII!


will bartlett

Will Bartlett is a member of the Class of 2022 planning to study Classics and History in the College of Arts and Science. Will hails from New York City, indisputably the best city on Earth (sorry D.C.). Will’s experience with Model UN stretches back to his freshman year in high school, where he fell in love with the fast-paced historical simulations that are crisis committees. He continues to compete in crisis committees on Georgetown’s excellent travel team, GUMUN, in addition to crisis staffing NCSC and its sister conference for high schoolers, NAIMUN. When he isn’t doing translation work in the bowels of Lau or at Model UN practice, Will enjoys taking reinvigorating naps and discovering great music albums. Will is incredibly excited to see what delegates will bring to this NAIMUN’s Councils, Boards, and Courts organ and can’t wait to see how their plans unfold!

tina yin

Tina Yin is a member of Class of 2022 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service planning on majoring in International Political Economy with a focus in International Development. Tina calls Shanghai home and is still on the impossible quest for authentic and affordable Chinese food in D.C. In high school, Tina had an incredibly rewarding experience competing in and staffing Model UN on the international circuit and hopes to help make your Model UN experience the best it can be. Outside of Model UN, Tina enjoys dumpster diving for recyclables with Georgetown’s GREEN club, adding Oxford commas as a section editor for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and losing 9/10 helium balloons while trying to decorate the front lawn for new students at 5am with the Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program. In her spare time Tina enjoys eating noodles and bullying her co-USG. Tina is looking forward to serving as your co-USG of Council, Boards and Courts for NAIMUN LVII.



Justin Rich is a member of the Class of 2022 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. Currently he is interested in majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Law, Institutions, and Ethics and a minor in Spanish. Justin comes from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where he developed a wicked Boston accent. Previously, Justin was a delegate at NAIMUN and had the privilege to serve as the dUSG of Cabinets at NAIMUN LVI. Outside of Model UN, Justin can be seen working with Georgetown’s Student Government Election Commission, attempting to break out of the Georgetown bubble, or trying to find a single Dunkin’ Donuts in DC. He is very excited to meet you all — NAIMUN LVII can’t come soon enough!


Sanjna Jain is a member of the Class of 2022 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a double minor in Spanish and French. Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, she attended NAIMUN all throughout high school and served as a crisis analyst for Gandhi's Cabinet at NAIMUN LVI. Apart from NAIMUN, Sanjna is a legislative intern at the office of Senator Bernie Sanders, a RAK (random acts of kindness) leader for the community service club GIVES, and an on-campus tour guide for Blue and Gray Society. If she's not napping Sanjna can be frequently spotted eating Thai food or singing Reggaeton. Sanjna is so excited to serve as your USG of Cabinets!


caleb yip

Caleb Yip is a proud member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service class of 2021, and is majoring in International Politics with a security concentration and a minor in French. He was born in Hong Kong, China, but grew up in Pittsburgh. Caleb has been competing in Model UN since his junior year of high school, and continued traveling on the college circuit his freshman year. At Georgetown, he had the privilege of serving as NAIMUN's USG of CBCs last year, as well as USG of Regionals at NCSC, NAIMUN's sister college conference. Caleb is a devoted reader of Politico’s Playbooks and regularly lives out his dreams of world domination through Civilizations V. In addition to being a huge politics nerd, he is also fascinated with Russia and the Cold War, and cannot wait to see how delegates will handle the Cuban Missile Crisis. Caleb is incredibly excited to welcome you to the Washington Hilton in February, and looks forward to seeing delegates in action throughout the weekend!

alex chen

Alexander (Alex) Chen is a proud member of the Class of 2022 in Georgetown College, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Economics. Originally from Scarsdale, New York but now living in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, Alex competed in MUN in high school while boarding in Boston. Loving his time as a Crisis Analyst and actor in the National Security Apparatus at NAIMUN LVI, Alex looks forward to working in the NSA once again. He is also serving as Senior Crisis Analyst in Microsoft’s Board of Directors at NCSC XLVII, Georgetown’s College MUN conference, and regularly competes with the travel team. Outside of Model UN, Alex is the Chief of Staff of Georgetown’s International Relations Club, the Deputy of Logistics for TEDxGeorgetown 2019, and a Georgetown College Peer Advisor. He also enjoys traveling around, listening to and playing music, and watching Netflix (if you need any suggestions, he has a running list of shows of at least 17 titles). He looks forward to meeting all the amazing NAIMUN delegates, especially those in the National Security Apparatus!





Zaki thabet

Zaki Thabet is a member of the class of 2021 in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He is a local, and you should definitely ask him about the incomparable state of Maryland if you see him. Zaki has been doing Model UN for nine years, and NAIMUN LVII will be his seventh time at the conference. He spends his time on campus working in the mail office, avoiding his work in the library, and sleeping whenever and wherever he gets the chance. Zaki has previously served on NAIMUN secretariat as the Deputy Undersecretary-General of Economic and Social Councils at NAIMUN LVI. His only wish in life is for the return of Vine (RIP). He cannot wait to make this iteration of NAIMUN the best one yet!

alex white

Alex White is a student in the Georgetown School of Foreign Service class of 2021, majoring in Science and Technology in International Affairs with a minor in Spanish. He is from Toledo Ohio, where he participated in Public Forum Debate and Model UN in high school. In college, he joined the travel Model UN team and is a crisis manager for NCSC XLVII. He also served as deputy chief of staff at NAIMUN LVI. Outside of Model UN, Alex writes for a student paper: the Caravel, and tutors weekly at DC Schools. In his free time, he likes taking runs to explore DC, binge-watching Game of Thrones, and doing Buzzfeed quizzes. Alex is so excited to be serving as your Chief of Staff!





Amy Li is a member of the Class of 2022 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS), majoring in International Economics and minoring in Classics. Amy is from Clarksville, Maryland, but went to a boarding school in Connecticut for all four years of high school, where she competed on the MUN circuit. Amy has continued to compete with the Georgetown MUN travel team and has staffed both NAIMUN and its sister conference, NCSC. On campus, Amy is a deputy news editor for The Hoya, Georgetown’s student newspaper, and plays on the club field hockey team. In her free time, Amy enjoys painting, crossword puzzles, and responding to emails. Amy is so excited to serve as your Director of Registration and can’t wait for what’s sure to be the best NAIMUN yet!

Jefferson ford

Jefferson Ford is a Global Business Fellow in the McDonough School of Business Class of 2021, majoring in Operations and Information Management, with minors in Economics and Chinese Language. He is originally the small town of Butler outside of Pittsburgh, and although he enjoys life in Washington, he still refuses to root for any team other than the Pirates or Steelers. At Georgetown, Jefferson is a member of the International Relations Club, traveling as far as Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan representing the school, and works as an English teacher for Mexican students through the tech startup, Conversifi. He also serves as the president of the Management Consulting Society and competes on the GU Ultimate Frisbee Team. When he’s not practicing writing Chinese characters, you can find Jefferson cycling DC’s trails, playing retro video games, and jamming out to Kanye West or Radiohead.




leo arnett

Leo John Arnett is a member of the Class of 2022 in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, studying International Political Economy (IPEC) with a minor in Mandarin Chinese (and possibly music!). Leo had not participated in Model UN before coming to college, yet he has spent his first two semesters travelling all over for Georgetown’s Model UN team to places like New York City, Charlottesville, and Quebec City. Still very confused on how to prepare for cold weather, Leo grew up in the swamps of New Orleans before moving to Washington, D.C. Outside of Model UN, Leo is an elected member to the student government senate, is the financial chair for the Georgetown Program Board, cheers on the Hoyas with the official student section Hoya Blue, and is the drummer for a small band on campus, Red Brick Row (they’re good, we promise). Leo couldn’t be more excited to shape the NAIMUN LVII experience as the Director of Programming!

alanna pearson

Alanna is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2022 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in energy and the environment. After being born and raised in Atlanta, she’s enjoying the opportunity to explore a new city. Though she didn’t do MUN in high school, she did debate for all four years and enjoyed staffing NAIMUN last year as a member of the logistics team. When she’s not working on NAIMUN,  she’s involved with the School of Foreign Service Academic Council and the Roosevelt-Georgetown Mentorship Program. In her free time, she enjoys finding new coffee shops and exploring DC with her friends. She is so excited to serve as your Director of Operations for NAIMUN LVII!





J. Harper Thomas is a member of the School of Foreign Service, Class of 2022. He plans on majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in Arabic. Harper became interested in Model UN at a young age, participating in his first conference in seventh grade. Since then, Harper has attended over 22 Model UN conferences, most recently as a staffer at NCSC (Georgetown’s college MUN conference) and NAIMUN LVI. Harper was born in Singapore, where he spent most of his childhood before graduating from high school in Shanghai and returning home to the United States for college. At Georgetown, when Harper isn’t working on Arabic homework he’s most likely either helping to organize community events for one of the clubs he’s in, or scootering off campus with his friends in search of delicious food. When school isn’t in session, Harper’s hobbies include scuba diving, going over his Arabic vocab flashcards (not really), and watching Washington Nationals games. Harper is privileged to serve as your Director of Events for NAIMUN LVII.


Lauren is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2022 and is interested in majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Biotechnology and Global Health. She hails from a small town called Gig Harbor in Washington state(west coast best coast) and just moved to DC this year to start her life at Georgetown but misses the vibes from your typical west-coaster. Lauren went to NAIMUN LV while in high school, served as a Crisis Analyst in JCC Catalonia for LVI, and is ecstatic to serve as Director of Philanthropy for LVII. Outside of NAIMUN, Lauren is a Chief Officer in Georgetown’s student government and is involved in the Asian American Student Association. When she is able to take time to explore DC, her favorite things to do are to make rounds through the Smithsonian's, eat overpriced food at cute restaurants, and adore cute dogs as they walk by. She is extremely excited to enhance the focus on social justice that NAIMUN has and work with the charity partner as Director of Philanthropy.




fardusi uddin

Fardusi Uddin is a proud member of the Class of 2022 in the School of Foreign Service (SFS), majoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) with a certificate in Arab Studies and Diplomatic Studies. Though she bleeds Hoya blue, she will forever be prideful for her hometown Clifton, New Jersey. When she isn’t talking about New Jersey, she tutors elementary school students at DC Reads, calls alumni and parents for donations on behalf of Georgetown, and serves as the Treasurer of the Muslim Student Association. She cannot wait to welcome you all this NAIMUN. She absolutely loved being a Logistics and Security Officer at NAIMUN LVI, and is even more excited to work with you all at NAIMUN LVII as the Director of Logistics and Security. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Fardusi for anything. She is extremely friendly and will love to address any questions, comments, or concerns.

kate kalesnik fundis

Kate Kalesnik Fundis is a member of the McDonough School of Business Class of 2022 hailing from Dallas, Texas. This will be Kate’s first experience with Model UN, and she can’t wait to learn more and help craft NAIMUN LVII! Kate also serves as a student nonprofit consultant and Director of External Relations for DCivitas and enjoys serving the D.C. community with her sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta. Find her taking photos in Georgetown or cheering on the Hoyas and the Dallas Mavericks in basketball! For any questions about the conference, media and technology, or just to say hi, feel free to contact Kate via email or through any of NAIMUN’s social media channels.

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