The North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) is the largest high school Model United Nations conference in the Western Hemisphere, drawing more than 3,300 high school delegates and 300 faculty advisors from countries across the globe. Currently in its 56th year, NAIMUN has established itself as one of the premier conferences on the high-school Model UN circuit, boasting notable speakers such as former CIA lawyers, high-ranking ambassadors, and even Ban Ki-Moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations. This year, the conference will be held February 14-17, 2019 at the Washington Hilton. The conference is presented by the Georgetown International Relations Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run entirely by students of Georgetown University.


The NAIMUN LVI Marketing brochure can be found here.


Who Sponsors NAIMUN?

In years past, NAIMUN has been sponsored by organizations such as Oxbridge Academic Programs, Princeton Review, Kent Prep, The Washington Workshops Foundation, Weland International, The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Global Leadership Adventures, and the Canadian Embassy to the United States of America. NAIMUN also works with collegiate institutions such as Yale University, Columbia University, American University, Boston University, Northwestern University, Smith College, and Barnard College to promote their undergraduate and summer programs. Other friends of NAIMUN include international cultural exchange high school students summer programs, such as Youth for Understanding.

Sponsors at NAIMUN LV

Last year we were able to work with many sponsors, such as Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, University of Pennsylvania, and Rustic Pathways. We hope to continue partnerships with these organizations and to extend our sponsorship in the coming months as planning for NAIMUN LV accelerates.

NAIMUN and BestDelegate.com

Starting at NAIMUN XLIX, BestDelegate.com featured a series of insider articles on the conference, and we are proud to continue this collaboration. NAIMUN LVI once again gave an inside view of the conference with articles featured on Best Delegate, and Best Delegate live updates from the conference, which we hope to continue at NAIMUN LVI.


Why Sponsor NAIMUN?

NAIMUN seeks corporate partnerships in order to expand the NAIMUNAid financial aid program, which supports dedicated students who would otherwise not have the financial means to attend our conference. Corporate sponsorships are also used to enhance the experience for all participants, by providing supplemental out-of-committee exposure to international relations and the professional world.

NAIMUN plans, with the generous support of its sponsors, to expand its philanthropic goals while simultaneously helping you increase your consumer base. Businesses in the D.C. area, along with companies that seek driven and successful high school and college students will easily find their target audience at NAIMUN LVI.

The diverse, highly qualified, and dedicated attendees provide sponsors with a unique platform to promote a brand or product. NAIMUN delegates spend an entire weekend together talking not only about international issues, but also about their lives, coming from all over the country and world. Where else can a sponsor find such an attentive, captive audience? Some of the many opportunities your company or organization can enjoy at this year’s conference are:

  • Access to an audience of approximately 3,300+ high school students 300+ faculty advisors, and 250+ Georgetown University staffers;

  • Repeated name-brand exposure before and during the four-day conference;

  • Use of multimedia advertisements, including use of website, mobile application, movie, and paper distributions; and

  • A fully flexible sponsorship package catered to your individual needs.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Gyra, Director of Marketing, at c.gyra@modelun.org. We look forward to developing a marketing strategy that best fits the character and values of your organization.