Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does NAIMUN mean and who staffs the conference?

A: The North American Invitational Model United Nations is a conference held annually at the Washington Hilton for around 3,000 delegates and their advisors. NAIMUN is the largest student run conference in the world, staffed and organized by student volunteers from Georgetown University through the Georgetown International Relations Association, Inc.

Q: What kind of committees does NAIMUN run?

A: NAIMUN is proud to run 40 committees that cover a broad range of topics, both historical and modern-day, in both large and small settings. Whether you like to create in-depth and lasting resolutions to global dilemmas or passing directives in fast-paced crisis simulations, NAIMUN has a committee for every delegate. In addition to traditional General Assembly, ECOSOC, and Crisis style committees, NAIMUN strives for dynamic committee experience through Press Corp, the Ad-Hoc Committee, and the Joint Crisis committee structure found in both Cabinets and the National Security Apparatus.

Before Conference

Q: When are the registration deadlines?

A: Registration is broken down into three separate periods:

  • Early (May 13th, 2019-September 9th, 2019)

  • Regular (September 10th, 2019-November 25th, 2019)

  • Late (November 26th, 2019-January 13th, 2020)

Delegate, Advisor, and Delegation Fees are determined based on which time period you submit your payment in. To learn more about pricing and the registration timeline, you can find it on the Registration page on the NAIMUN website.

Q: What is the Conference Hotel and how do we make reservations?

A: The Washington Hilton is the official hotel of NAIMUN LVII and is also the site of many annual D.C. events, such as the White House Correspondents Dinner. Conveniently located in the heart of the vibrant (and safe) Dupont neighborhood, the Hilton is within walking distance of numerous restaurants and shops, the downtown monuments, and the popular district of Georgetown. Room rates as well as the form to book hotel rooms are available on the NAIMUN website under Hotel Information.

Q: What are NAIMUN’s policies for commuter schools and schools staying at hotels other than the Washington Hilton?

A: NAIMUN allows schools within 30 miles of the Washington Hilton to commute to the conference. For schools planning on staying at hotels other than the Washington Hilton, NAIMUN will charge a $150 fee per school per night. This fee will be waived, however, for schools that must stay at other hotels due to the Washington Hilton reaching capacity. Questions about the policies can be directed to Amy Li, NAIMUN’s Director of Registration.

Q: When will I get my country assignments?

A: Country assignments will be released online on a rolling basis after October 17 and will only be given after we receive your payment. You will be able to find them on your individualized NAIMUN website delegation login. More information will be sent out in October.

Q: When will Background Guides be posted on the NAIMUN website?

A: Background Guides will be posted on the NAIMUN website on the individual committee pages in early January. The only exception to this is the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General which will be given to delegates at the beginning of Committee Session I.

Q: What is NAIMUNAid and how do I apply?

A: At NAIMUN, we believe that socioeconomic situations should never be a barrier to attend this conference and grow from this educational experience. Each year, NAIMUN is proud to distribute thousands of dollars to schools and individuals that need financial assistance. NAIMUNAid can be used to cover registration fees, advisor fees, travel, and accommodation costs. To learn more about NAIMUNAid and how to apply, please look at the Financial Aid page on the NAIMUN website.

Q: One of my delegates has a question about their committee, who should they reach out to?

A: Any questions about topics, position papers, or content should reach out to the chair or crisis manager for their committee. Their emails can be found on the committee’s page on the NAIMUN website and in the Background Guide. Additionally, delegates can also email the Under-Secretaries-General of the organ if they are unable to get ahold of their committee staff or have further questions.

Q: Are position papers required for all committees?

A: Position papers are required for all committees with the exception of Press Corps and the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General. In order to be eligible for awards, delegates must submit a position paper during Committee Session I. Delegates should read their Background Guide for any additional instructions from the dais and can find in-depth instructions here.

Q: My delegates haven’t competed at a Model UN conference before, how can they learn about debate and parliamentary procedure?

A: We have resources available on the NAIMUN website which can be found here. Additionally, NAIMUN holds trainings for parliamentary procedure, large committees, and crisis committees on the Thursday before opening ceremonies (Times and locations can be found on the Conference Schedule).

During Conference

Q: What is the dress code for the conference?

A: Dress code for all committee sessions is Western Business Attire. Events such as Hilltop Madness and Delegate Dance are casual attire, but delegates are encouraged to maintain appropriate attire.

Q: We are running late or we know we are going to be late/miss a committee session, who should we notify?

A: If you are going to be late or going to miss a committee session, please have your delegates reach out to their chairs directly to let them know. Emails can be found on the committee’s page on the NAIMUN website. Additionally, please reach out to the Director-General to notify us if the delegation is late/missing session.

Q: If I lost something, is there a lost and found?

A: The lost and found is located at the Registration table on the International Terrace.

Q: What is Midnight Crisis and are delegates required to attend to be eligible for an award? If my delegate has a midnight crisis session, do they not attend the morning committee session following Midnight Crisis?

A: Midnight Crisis is a special session between 12am and 2am that is used to give delegates a dynamic experience beyond the typical committee debate. While highly rewarding and encouraged, attendance and participation are not used by the dais in deciding awards and not attending will not leave delegates at a disadvantage in the committee sessions following. There is still a committee session on the morning following, but it will have a delayed start time. More information will be given at the Advisor Meetings during the conference.

Who Should I Contact For:

Registration, Country Assignments, and Signed Forms: Amy Li, Director of Registration

Substantive Policy: Neehar Mahidadia, Secretary-General or Casey Wetherbee, Director-General

Committee Specific Questions: Individual Chairs/CMs or Under-Secretaries-General

NAIMUNAid: Lauren Russell, Director of Philanthropy

Sponsorships/Marketing: Jefferson Ford, Director of Business

Alumni: Alyssa Kardos, Executive Director

DC Programming (Embassy Visits, Georgetown Tours): Leo Arnett, Director of Programming

NAIMUN Programming (Hilltop Madness): Harper Thomas, Director of Events

Essay Contest or Merchandise: Alanna Pearson, Director of Operations

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