Chair: Claudia alonso

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes public health around the world. Its priorities range from communicable diseases to noncommunicable diseases, nutritional to occupational health, and more. More broadly, it seeks to combat the impact of disease, not just biomedically but also economically and socially. 

Topic B

Road Traffic Accidents

Topic A

Management of Climate Disasters

Topic Abstract



Learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • Awareness of WHO's role in the global health system, including providing leadership and shaping the research agenda; 
  • An understanding of how different regions of the world are often exposed to a variety of public health issues, and how each region must implement policies to regional crises differently; 
  • Knowledge of the various determinants of health inequity (such as political systems, cultural beliefs, and economic & healthcare structures) and how this will impact policies put into place. 

About the Chair


Claudia Alonso is a senior in the Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies, majoring in Global Health and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Claudia knew she wanted to continue her involvement in Model UN and International Relations when she came to Georgetown. This will be her fourth and final NAIMUN. Last year she served as the USG for the General Assemblies and as a Chair for NAIMUN’s sister collegiate conference NCSC. Outside of Model UN, Claudia is an Ambassador for the School of Nursing and Health Studies, works as an intern at One Tent Health and is currently studying abroad in Chiapas, México! In her free time, she enjoys eating “bolitas de queso,” watching Game of Thrones and scuba diving. Claudia is thrilled to serve as your Chair for the World Health Organization and hopes to give you all the best NAIMUN experience possible!