The United Nations Security Council is charged with maintaining international security and safety under the UN Charter. In 1999, the world is a tumultuous place, and delegates must balance the needs of the UN with the desires of their home governments. In an age of Great Power competition, the Security Council must chart a path forward and seek a solution to the most pressing issues of the day. This competitive committee calls for experienced delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the powers of the UNSC, as well as the areas of crisis. 

TOPIC Abstract

APPROXIMATE COMMITTEE SIZE: 30 (double Delegation)


Delegates will...

  • Engage with the world's most pertinent global crises at the start of the new millennium;

  • Understand the complexity of regional and global issues from multiple perspectives;

  • Learn about what issues the world believed to be most important in 1999 and what steps the UN took to resolve them;

  • Gain new insight into the working dynamics of the UNSC and the role of veto powers of the P5 nations.

About the Chair


Naba Rahman is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2019. Hailing from the beaches of Sarasota, Florida, she is a Science, Technology and International Affairs major, Spanish minor, and is an honors candidate in International Business Diplomacy. Naba has served on three secretariats for both NAIMUN and NCSC, Georgetown’s collegiate conference. Most recently, Naba was honored to serve as the Secretary-General for NCSC XLV. Outside of MUN, she serves as the Managing Director of the Social Innovation and Public Service Fund and is currently working tirelessly for her fellow students as the Georgetown Student Body Vice President.

About the Crisis Manager

Elodie Currier.JPG

Elodie Currier is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2019. Originally from Boston but currently hailing from Connecticut, she is studying International Politics with an International Law focus and will be graduating with a certificate in Jewish Civilization. Elodie has spent the last 8 years entrenched in the Model UN world, serving as the Director of Registration for NAIMUN LIV, chairing at both NAIMUN and NCSC, and competing with the Georgetown Model UN team in both crisis and GA style committees. This year, Elodie will also be serving as the CEO of GIRA, NAIMUN’s parent non-profit. When she’s not designing crisis arcs or drafting resolutions, Elodie serves as part of the GUSA Executive Senior Staff and as a New Student Orientation Captain.