Chair: Nikiforos Daniskas   


The golden age is upon the Malian Empire as they are soaring to greater and newer heights under the reign of Mansa Musa. Argued to be the richest man of all time, Mansa Musa is turning to his cabinet to help him truly solidify the glory of his empire. As a devout Muslim, Mansa seeks to enlighten his people to the glory of Allah. Though things appear to be flourishing within the empire, there is no limit for what disasters may occur. Even more of a question is how the rest of North Africa will react to the Malian Empire’s pursuit of glory. It is up to Mansa’s cabinet to decide whether the Malian empire will be just a blip in history or be remembered for eternity!

TOPIC Abstract



Delegates will gain...

  • An understanding of the political, economic, cultural traits characteristic of medieval Africa;

  • Knowledge on the role that Islam has played in North Africa historically, and see what marks this has left on current North African society;

  • Recognition of the complexities of state building as an empire interacts with its neighbors;

  • An understanding of the cultural and societal challenges which were present in medieval Africa such as education as well as slavery.

About the Chair

Nikiforos Daniskas.jpg

Nikiforos Daniskas (‘20) is a student in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, majoring in Global Business. Hailing from Montclair, New Jersey, Nikiforos grew up in a typical suburban northeastern NJ fashion: with the skyscrapers of Manhattan in the distance and a soft spot for great bagels. NAIMUN LVI will be his third appearance as a member of the conference’s staff and and second time as a staffer for Cabinets. Outside of NAIMUN, Nikiforos is involved on campus as a writer for the Caravel international relations paper, as VP of the Hellenic Association, and as a member of Georgetown Collegiate Investors. A proud Hoya, Nikiforos loves to rep the Blue and Gray while at games, and enjoys exploring the nation’s capital whenever given the opportunity. He is looking forward to February and for an exciting weekend!


About the Crisis Manager

Meggie Underwood.jpg

Meggie is a senior in the School of Foreign Service studying International Economics with a focus on
Public Policy. While she is originally from the great state of Illinois, she has lived most recently in Scotland and Germany. This is her third time being a Crisis Manager for NAIMUN, and she is excited to have another great year at NAIMUN. She travels extensively with Georgetown’s Model United Nations team. When
she’s not talking about MUN (which is almost never) then she is convincing people that the Midwest is great, trying to convince people that German is a beautiful language, or expressing her love for Angela Merkel. She is really excited for NAIMUN LVI and cannot wait for the chaos that is Mansa Musa's Cabinet.