Chair: Christian Mesa

The United Nations First Committee, the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is made up of all member nations to the UN. This committee is tasked with discussing all disarmament and security issues under the UN Charter, as well as disarmament and security issues related to any other body within the UN. The First Committee is tasked with ensuring that all disarmament treaties are successfully followed as well as maintaining peace in the world.

Topic B

Addressing Fourth Generation Warfare

Topic A

Global Cyber Threat to the Energy Infrastructure of Nations

Topic Abstract


Approximate Committee Size: 300 (double delegation)


Delegates will....

  • Comprehend the importance of the issues related to international security, including disarmament treaties, the regulation of armaments, and the maintenance of peace on the international sphere;

  • Learn more about the global cyber threat to the energy infrastructure of nations and devise solutions that address the entirety of the issue (corruption, government instability, etc.);

  • Determine ways to better enforce nonproliferation in UN member states.

About the Chair

Christian Mesa.jpg

Christian Mesa is a senior at Georgetown studying Government with minors in History and Theology. Christian is originally from Long Beach, California, and still considers the beach his home. Christian was introduced to Model United Nations in high school and competed extensively on the circuit, never having looked back since. After attending NAIMUN LII as a delegate, Christian fell in love with the conference and what Model UN could do for the education of a high school student. Last year, Christian had the pleasure of serving as the Secretary-General of NAIMUN LV, and is happy to be back for his fifth NAIMUN. Outside of MUN, Christian served as the co-chair of the Student Advisory Board at Georgetown’s Institute of Politics and Public Service. He also founded and hosts the Institute’s first podcast, Fly On The Wall, where he interviews political professionals about big moments in their careers. He also has previously interned for various political advocacy organizations. He enjoys rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, watching Aaron Sorkin’s political TV shows, and playing a round of golf on a sunny afternoon. Christian is very excited to welcome everyone to the Washington Hilton in February where he hopes everyone will come out of the weekend having learned something that they can successfully take into their next endeavors!