Chair: alec camhi

UNESCO promotes peace by preserving intercultural exchanges and education. Its member states meet every two years. Grounded in the value of mutual understanding, UNESCO seeks to foster peace in ways that traditional state and economic structures cannot on their own. This year, we will take a narrow focus on sustainable tourism and preservation of historic sites in conflict zones.  

Topic B

Preservation of historic sites in conflict zones

Topic A

Sustainable tourism

Topic Abstract


learning goals

Delegates will gain...

  • A background on the role of the international community in coordinating efforts globally to preserve our cultural patrimony in the face of geopolitical and ecological challenges;

  • An understanding of the importance of spreading the economic benefits of tourism in local communities;

  • Knowledge about how new technologies and resources can be used to limit the environment damage tourism causes or the harm done to sites of historic importance in insecure areas.

About the Chair


Alec Camhi is a junior at Georgetown double-majoring in math and economics. Originally from Connecticut, he now lives in Bethesda, Maryland and previously lived in Denver, Colorado. At Georgetown, Alec is the political chair of the Georgetown Israel Alliance; the director of content and co-host for Fly on the Wall, a student-run podcast through the Institute of Politics and Public Service; and a teaching and research assistant in the Department of Economics. This semester, he is a Democratic tax policy intern for the Senate Finance Committee. In his free time, he enjoys getting into political arguments with people and nagging them to listen to Fly on the Wall (which, conveniently, is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, or wherever else you get your podcasts).